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10 Cars Great For College Students

10 Cars Great For College Students

Are you looking for a new car to take with you to college? Unless you know what you are looking for, car shopping is never easy! You don’t want to make the mistake of choosing the wring car for you because you were too involved in the “newness” of it all! Here are some great option for you as you embark on a new adventure!

1. Toyota RAV4

If you go to school far from home, the Rav4 will be a great pick for you! This brand has a hybrid option if you wanted to try out saving the environment, but if that’s too high tech for you, there is a gas option as well but in the 2019 version instead of the 2020! The line up for the Toyota Rav 4’s are insane. You’ll love the ones that are a couple years old and the new ones! They are great with snow and don’t wear and tear like over vehicles do.

Toyota makes great cars and you are curtain to find one that fits your style! If you are driving long distances, this is one of those cars that will go forever or until you need gas! You won’t want to miss out on trying this great car!

10 Cars Great For College Students

2. Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is a great car for those who love the sporty look! This is one of those cars that you’ll fall in love with because of the amount of room you’ll have while driving. Cars like this do not come around often and when they do, everyone will want to snatch them up! They have a lot of room for that twice a year college haul and is super reliable! 

10 Cars Great For College Students

3. Jeep Renegade

If you’re looking for room but don’t want it to be too big, this is the square you’ll be looking for. This Jeep Renegade is great for those students who have had cars small cars since they started driving, but don’t want to be drowning in a huge SUV. This vehicle has some great features that you may love if you are looking for a car that has heated seats and steering wheel. It has great storage if you need more than your old vehicle but less than an SUV. 

10 Cars Great For College Students

4. Toyota C-HR

This vehicle is a cross over of an SUV and a standard car. The C-HR is great for those who love how low a car is but need the storage and want their trunk inside their car. This vehicle has a full size screen and the ability to for smart safety sense which allows the car to stop when it senses people crossing the road and you weren’t paying attention. This car has everything you need as a college student to ride safe and in style!

10 Cars Great For College Students

5. Toyota Corolla

You can see how smooth this is compared to other cars just by looking at the video’s! This vehicle has the safety sense and the look of a very sleek ride. It has a tablet screen with everything for your navigating needs and comes installed with Apple CarPlay for those music lovers. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa for a more hands free driving experience! 

If you need some help with your blind spots. This car is equip with blind spot detection to alert you when you have a car coming that you may not be able to see! You can also find your car with the Toyota app which can not only find your car, but start it too! This is one of the sleekest Corolla’s to be seen this year!

10 Cars Great For College Students

6. Subaru Forester

Foresters have had a great track record with having great cars that last a long time! The newest Foresters have great safety features and have amazing storage for those long trips no matter where they may be. This vehicle has found the ultimate balance between comfort and a sports look. This forester has great multimedia system which integrates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a voice-activated navigation. It can also come with wi-fi connectivity!  

10 Cars Great For College Students

7. Subaru Ascent

A little bit bigger than the Forester, this vehicle has everything you need if you are looking for a vehicle that will get you through college and well beyond! This is everything you would think a Subaru would be! This is a great car the student looking for something to last them a long time. This is one of those cars that you can grow into and love! 

10 Cars Great For College Students

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8. Toyota Camry

This is that car that one of your parents had way back when they were in their 30s when the Camry was super popular. Throughout the years, this car has gotten some pretty nice upgrades! It was always the car that was a little late on the innovations, but this year, this vehicle has taken some great strides to become the competitor it is today!

The design has gotten sleeker and the inside. If you are looking for a car that will be your second pair of eyes, this is a great car for you. It’ll tell you when someone is coming and will show you a birds eye view of what is around you car!

10 Cars Great For College Students

9. Honda Accord 

If you ever want to feel like you are in a space ship that is not a Tesla, this is the car for you! It’s redesigned and has stepped up the game for what a sedan should do! We all know that SUV’s are used for their space, but engineers are finally being able to find what we should really be looking into with a sedan!

It’s not just the distance from the ground, it’s the luxury of getting into a car that can wirelessly charge your phone and shift with a push of a button! It’s a great car for college students looking for a sedan but want the comforts of an SUV!

10 Cars Great For College Students

10. Honda Civic 

The Honda Civic is a sports sedan that offers the quality of a 4-cylinder with a turbocharger for some extra fun! If you are looking for a hatchback, there is a Civic hatchback version and it has the same specs to it as the regular sedan! The Civic was built for power which is great for those college students who love going fast but love the look of the Honda Civics!

10 Cars Great For College Students

How was your experience car shopping? Do you have any of these cars on the list? Tell us in the comments below!
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