10 Cardi B Songs That Will Bring Out Your Inner Bad Bitch

Whether you are a fan of Cardi B or not you have to admit that her songs put you in a type of mood. Although, Cardi B’s songs talk about sex, drugs, and money they also remind you of the confidence you have as a woman and will make you feel like a boss that nobody can walk all over. Music is meant to be fun so enjoy yourself, be silly and ignore what others have to say. These Cardi B songs are perfect if you’re going out with friends, feeling down or just want to listen to some good music. They remind you of you are and lift your spirits. Are ya’ll ready for 10 Cardi B Songs That Will Bring Out Your Inner Bad Bitch? OKKURRR!

10 Cardi B Songs That Will Bring Out Your Inner Bad Bitch

1. Bodak Yellow

The song that kickstarted Cardi B’s fame and really introduced her to the world. This song will have you walking into a store like “I can get ’em both, I don’t wanna choose.” The song is proof that if you work hard enough you can get whatever it is out of life, even those red bottom heels.

2. Bartier Cardi

Another Cardi B song that will have you feeling like a boss lady. Pull up this song when you’re getting ready for that girls night out to remind yourself of the confident woman you are.

3. Money

You don’t need a man, you can buy yourself that expensive bag, shoes, and earrings. “All a bad bitch need is the (money).” Be a queen and provide for yourself.

4. Be Careful

Although, this Cardi B song is slower the message is loud and clear. If you have or had a man in your life who isn’t/ or wasn’t treating you the way you deserve to be treated don’t worry because “karma for [them] is gon’be who [they] end up with.” They would be crazy to do someone like you wrong so don’t worry about it.

10 Cardi B Songs That Will Bring Out Your Inner Bad Bitch

5. Drip

Make that money and go out and buy yourself some diamonds. Those “diamonds on [your] wrist, they drippin’ (ice!)”  You earned it all girl!

10 Cardi B Songs That Will Bring Out Your Inner Bad Bitch

6. I Like It

If you “like those Balenciagas, the one’s that look like socks” then you’ll love this Cardi B song. Its fun and upbeat sound will put you in a good mood all day. Put this jam on when you’re in the car with a group of your friends and sing along.

7. Twerk

Although, this is a song that Cardi B is featured in it’s the type of song to dance with your girlfriends to. Show off your moves and make a competition out of it.

8. Thotiana

Another song that Cardi B featured in but don’t be afraid to dance it out to this song, who cares if people stare. And if they won’t stop staring it’s most likely that they’re admiring your dance moves. Keep doing you girl.

9. La Modelo

This song by Ozuna which features Cardi B has her singing in Spanish. Tell your man “Mansion on the Hills, half/ half if you want to. But that’s only if you want to” and if he doesn’t want to then tell him boy bye.

10. Backin’ It Up

“Lookin’ this good should be a sin, you should call me cinnamon” is exactly wha you’ll be singing when this Pardison Fontaine song featuring Cardi B comes.

Are you a bad bitch? Of course you are! Don’t forget it and if you ever do then put one of these Cardi B songs to remind yourself. Comment below your favorite Cardi B songs!

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