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12 Cane Furniture Items That Blurs The Line Between Modern and Vintage

12 Cane Furniture Items That Blurs The Line Between Modern and Vintage

Have you ever heard of cane furniture? I have never heard of cane furniture until this article. But after researching it, I actually love this kind of furniture out these cane furniture items all blur the lines between contemporary and vintage. These cane furniture items may have a 60s vibe to them, but that is because rattan furniture was very popular in the 60s.

Cane comes from the rattan plant, but as the rattan part of the plant is molded and painted, the cane is left to its natural rounds state. Cane furniture items became extremely popular in the 17th century. Cane furniture was created in India and China in as early as the 2nd century.

These cane furniture items are very unique and I think they really have their own style to them. They make up the main features of any room. Cane is wrapped in hardwood, steel, or aluminum frames to make the furniture you see here. Let’s look at some of these super awesome cane furniture items!


1. Cane Cellarette

If you are not familiar with the word, a cellarette is a cupboard in which alcohol is stored like bottles of wine and whiskey. They come in all shapes and sizes like this super cool round one below. Cane furniture items like this would look perfect in a dining room with matching cane chairs. Keep it on the main wall so that it is easily accessible for those who like to have a drink with their dinners.

2. Cane Couch

When I looked into cane furniture items, I thought it would mostly be some chairs and maybe some maybe a few cupboards, but I never thought of couches and bedframes, which I go over a couple later on.

This cane couch frame is wrapped in wood and has slender, taller legs. I am sure you can find a different color material for the couch part as the light wood and cane color could go with just about anything. A few orange or yellow decorative pillows would brighten this right up.


3. Cane and Metal Bed Frame

Here is a cane bed frame that is wrapped in metal. The style and even the color of the bed frame really exhibit that blur between modern and vintage. That cool grey could work with so many different styles and colors and that cane material make for a lighter bed frame.

This bed frame, if you look closely, has fading color within contributing to that vintage feel. I would suggest pairing this cane bed frame with a can dresser or cane nightstands with the matching metal. Some nice metallic table-side lamps would also work really well with this look.

4. Cane and Metal Cupboard

This cane and metal cupboard could also be used as another cellarette in a dining room or kitchen. But it could also be used in a hallway for towels and other toiletries or in a room to hold books. The great thing about cane furniture items is that they are eco friendly as cane is from a plant. The metals, of course, kind of change that, but the wooden cane furniture items are great if you are looking to be more sustainable.


The round and cane look for this cupboard offer that vintage feel, then adding in that metal really makes it more modern. The line is very much blurred when it comes to most cane furniture items.

5. Cane Shelves

I have a boring bookcase that looks like wood, but it isn’t. Seeing this makes me wish I had it for all my books. I wish I had a couple actually for each room of my house for all of my books. The sliding doors are very modern while that cane is such a lovely vintage touch. The grey-blue color also makes for a lovely cool color scheme with other blues, greens, and even a touch of purple.

6. Cane Dresser

There really needs to be a whole bedroom set that is cane furniture items. That set needs to include this awesome dresser. The black and the light color of the cane creates such a wonderful contrast that gives you a lot of options for decorating!


7. Cane and Metal Chairs

These cane furniture items make for a perfect seat a low table. As the cane can be put outside, I’ll go over this a little more in detail, later on, it would be perfect for a nice Sunday brunch outside enjoying the lovely weather. The black metal of the frame gives you the chance to have that modern look, or you could go vintage because of that cane style.

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8. Cane Cupboard

My grandparents have a very similar cupboard at the end of their hallway that holds the towels and sheets. This wooden cane cupboard allows you to have a rustic look to your home, or you could go completely opposite and go very modern with the gold and metal like in the photo below. Depending on shelving inside of this cupboard, it could be turned into an entertainment center for a guest bedroom.


9. Cane Nightstand

This cane nightstand, unlike the other cane furniture items in this article, is woven together a bit differently. It is very similar to the rattan weaving for furniture, however, it has a very light color and light texture. This nightstand would look great matched with a cane bed frame. The greyish almost blue of this nightstand gives you multiple options for colors and style as the metal of the frame and gold of the handles offers that more contemporary feel.

10. Cane Seashell-Styled Chair

Cane furniture items, though not waterproof, are able to withstand most weather. This means these items can be used indoors and out. This chair gives me a very beachy vibe and would be perfect for an outside back patio. If you have an ocean view, can’t you just imagine pulling up this chair looking out over the view? Maybe you could read a book and drink a nice ice tea while enjoying the summer sun. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

11. Cane Bed Frame

Another bed frame which looks a lot different than the last. I added this one in as well because of its very unique styles. The metal that the cane is wrapped in is gold which creates the need for those warmer colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows. Unless you are looking for more earthy tones like the ones you see in the photo below. This bed frame makes me really like cane furniture items because of different it is from other styles.


12. Cane Wooden Lounge Chairs

Cane, rattan, and wicker material all come from the same plant so they do get mixed up a lot considering they all have a similar look and feel to them. These chairs kind of resemble that wicker look, but they are not woven together like wicker furniture is. The intricate pattern of cane furniture items is very unique and wrapped in certain material can give it a wholly different feeling than the rattan and wicker.

These beautiful lounge chairs work perfectly for your living room or even around a small breakfast table. The dark wood goes with many different colors and styles. Even just one of these chairs set in the corner of your guest room would look just perfect!

If you haven’t fallen in love with these cane furniture items like I have, then you are crazy! No, maybe it just isn’t your style and that is totally okay. But for those of you who did like this look, we need to make these cane furniture items more popular. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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