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Candy And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try

Candy And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try

Candy and alcohol pairings are a tasty and fun way to spice up your drinks. It brings you back to your childhood, but you can enjoy the feeling of being an adult with your alcoholic beverage. Some of these are actual drinks you can make, some of them are just combos I think go well together because the flavors complement each other. Get as creative as you want after hearing the candy and alcohol pairings, let the content in this article inspire you to create your own tasty concoctions.

Also always remember to drink responsibly and never consume more than you can handle. 

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup And Irish Coffee

I am a huge fan of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and I also love Irish coffee. I discovered this combo after a night out with friends and we were relaxing at my apartment and I had some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Irish Coffee. I poured myself some Irish coffee while I was eating Reese’s and my mouth was very pleased. It tasted so good! I looked up the combo to see if anyone else had discovered this wonderful combo and stumbled upon these shots! It’s not exactly just Reese’s and Irish coffee, which you can definitely do, but it looks amazing! This candy and alcohol pairing is a must if you love peanut butter cups!

Rim edge of shot glass with chocolate fudge and muddled Reeses pieces. Set aside.
In an ice filled glass combine coffee liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, Irish cream, milk and peanut butter. Shake well.
Add a small amount of chocolate sauce to base of glass and strain mix inside.

Candy And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try

Jolly Ranchers And Vodka

Jolly Ranchers are one of my favorite fruity candies and vodka can always use something to make it go down smoothly. Any fruity candies can be paired with vodka in my opinion, but jolly ranchers are best because of how simple they are and they are not gummy like other fruity candies so they will completely dissolve into the vodka. I don’t usually eat the jolly ranchers while drinking vodka, but instead infuse them into the alcohol. It can be great gifts for the holidays or fun for parties. You can even host a party where guests have to bring an alcohol and candy combo and this can be your contribution! You can make all the different flavors and have fun with the colors.


1 litre vodka
2 1lb bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers


Separate the Jolly Rancher candies into flavors
Put twelve Jolly Ranchers of each flavor into each flask
Pour vodka into the flasks, over the candies
Shake them occasionally so the candies keep breaking down
After 24 hours, the infusion is done. Chill in the freezer for a couple of hours, if desired.

Candy And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try

Gummy Worms (Or Bears) and Citrusy Beers

I did not know there was an actual beer that had gummy bear in the name before coming up with this combo, but it solidified my own tastes that, yes, these two do in fact go together. Any citrusy beer goes so well with gummy worms or bears. The fruitiness and chewiness of the gummy and the tang of the beer make a flavor baby in your mouth and it’s lovely. The tartness of the beer with the fruity goodness of the gummy is nice. It’s a great summer combo in my opinion as well. You can chill outside with your friends catching up on life or just enjoying the nice weather, have a beer and gummy worms on the side and enjoy your day. I imagine sour gummy worms would also be really good as well, but I’ve never tried it! The image below has sour gummy worms, so I think it would be good and I love everything sour.

Candy And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try

Hershey’s Kisses And Champagne

Bubbly and Hershey’s Kisses is a classy and cute combo. It’s refreshing to have a dry finish, champagne, to something so sweet, Hershey’s kiss. If you’re trying to watch your sugar intake look for champagne that’s sugar free and enjoy this lovely candy and alcohol pairings in peace. 

Candy And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try

Chocolate And Bourbon

Chocolate and bourbon are a classic combo, and for good reason. The flavors go very well together and can be very romantic if you do it at the right time or occasion. There is actually shared chemistry between chocolate and the oak barrels in which bourbon rests. Specifically, both contain molecules such as acetylpyrrole, vanillin, tannins and lactones, to name a few. Additionally, the alcohol in bourbon enhances the aromatic molecules in the chocolate, and the fat in chocolate tempers the strong alcohol. They balance and enhance each other, which is what great pairs do.


Since both bourbon and chocolate have large flavor profile ranges, it helps to have guidelines for your pairing. Consider the light-to-dark chocolate spectrum:

See Also

White Chocolate*: The high fat content can tame the passionate heat of full-proof bourbon. Consider pairing with Booker’s or Stagg.

Milk Chocolate: A smooth balance of sweet and rich makes these chocolates a match for spicy bourbons like Bulleit 10 Year and Elmer T. Lee.

Semi-sweet Chocolate: With 55% to 70% cocoa, these chocolates harmonize with complex and balanced bourbons like Four Roses Single Barrel and Maker’s 46.

Extra Dark Chocolate: With the greatest depth of flavors, but also a touch of bitterness, these chocolates provide a counterpoint for sweet, full-bodied bourbons. Try Russell’s Reserve 10 Year and Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.

*Yes, we know. White chocolate is not technically a chocolate. But don’t tell the bourbon. I love it and it still pairs well with it.

Candy And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try

Snickers And Lambrusco Amabile (Red Wine)

If you’re hungry, grab a Snickers… but also grab some red wine, specifically, Lambrusco Amabile. Snickers paired with this specific red wine which is slightly bubbly and very red with black fruit as well, make a good pair. I personally think Snickers goes well with any red wine because of how sweet Snickers are and I need some sweetness or some other flavor when I drink red wine, but you can choose for yourself! This is one of those candy and alcohol pairings that I really enjoy!

Candy And Alcohol Pairings You Must Try

Candy and alcohol pairings are meant for fun and good times. A little throwback to your childhood while mixing it with the beverages that come with being an adult. It’s a great combination. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite candy and alcohol pairings are and also if you tried any of these and what you think of them!

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