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6 Candles To Keep Your Dorm Smelling Fresh

With constant deadlines and due dates, life as a college student is anything but easy. It’s hard to manage school, work, friends, family, relationships, cooking, and the dreaded cleaning that comes afterward. However, these are all things that have to be done on a regular basis, and if they aren’t, things begin to stink, literally and figuratively. Keep your dorm smelling fresh no matter how busy you are with these 6 awesome candles!

1. Homesick

Homesick is a really awesome candle brand that specializes in being meaningful. They have a scent to represent each of the 50 states (and Puerto Rico!) as well as a scent for many of the country’s most famously beloved cities. With this concept, everyone can find a candle that represents wherever they’re from, or wherever they’re going. There are a few other countries with scents besides the U.S., such as Australia and the U.K., and there are various “moods” as well. For example, there’s a sexy-smelling candle called Date Night, and a warm and welcoming candle called New Home. 

For college kids, many of our days are spent reading, novel after novel, textbook after textbook, poem after poem. Why not have a candle that embodies the feeling of reading? With notes of nutmeg, amber, and sandalwood, the Book Club candle is the ultimate companion scent for your busy semester. Recently released and already up to almost 300 five-star reviews, Homesick has a candle perfect for your dorm room. 

You can order the 13.75 oz. candle for $34.00. It typically burns anywhere from 60-80 hours.

2. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a scent destination. From lotions to shower gels to sugar scrubs to candles to hand sanitizer, Bath and Body Works provides everything you need to keep yourself and your dorm smelling fresh and wonderful. Their longtime bestseller, Japanese Cherry Blossom, the scent that some of us would die for, is finally a candle, and it is a must-have!

Made with essential oils, the Japanese Cherry Blossom candle smells strong and genuine. If your dorm is smelling… less than fresh… this candle is the perfect option for you. For $24.50, you can get yourself a three-wick, 14.5 0z. heavenly scented candle. Bath and Body Works is also almost always running a sale if you buy at least two or three items, so keep your eyes open for deals!

Find the Japanese Cherry Blossom candle online or in-store at Bath and Body Works!

3. Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is one of the most famous candle companies in the nation, and its signature scents have been filling thousands of homes since its foundation in 1969. Today there are over 200 different scents to choose from, each one of them representing something delicious, something beautiful, or something special. With so many scents, there is a perfect fragrance for anyone, no matter their preference. 

To find the proper scent to freshen up your dorm room, you should check out the “Fresh & Clean” collection. One of the scents included in this collection is the Soft Blanket scent, which will make you feel right at home. With notes of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla, and warm amber, this scent will wrap around you and your smelly dorm like a bear hug. 

You can get a 22 oz. candle that will burn for around 110-150 hours and enjoy the embrace of Soft Blanket for just $29.50!

4. Wakeheart

Wakeheart is this new, trendy candle company that infuses each of its candles with real crystals. Some natural crystals and stones are known for their healing and relaxing properties. Wakeheart focused these healing energies into their candle “Healing.” Inside of this soy and coconut wax blend is a literal chunk of clear quartz, which is revealed once you burn through the entirety of the candle. A gentle and calming fresh scent, Healing is the perfect way to freshen up your dorm room.

Wakeheart also has a “Relax” crystal candle, which smells like lavender, chamomile, and apple blossoms, and is the perfect way to unwind after a long, stressful day of classes. Inside of this candle lies an Amazonite stone, which is a beautiful ocean bluish green-hued stone that helps bring you balance, and freedom from your anxieties. For $36.00, you can try either one of these 8 oz. candles that are said to last 40-55 hours!

Order these crazy crystal candles directly from Wakeheart!

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5. WoodWick

WoodWick is Yankee Candle’s sister brand, known for their wooden wicks which create a subtle crackling sound like a wood-burning fireplace would. The crackling is a calming sound for many who’ve grown up with fireplaces or for those outdoorsy kids who went camping and had bonfires all the time like many of us remote small-town kids did. Imagine Yankee Candle quality fragrance put together with the natural and calming (and even romantic) sound of a crackling fire, and just think of how calming your dorm will be!

WoodWick has a super cool line of “Trilogy” candles, which are candles that harness three scents in one candle. One of the options WoodWick offers for this type of candle is called “Café Sweets,” and has a top layer of vanilla bean, a middle layer of sweet caramel, and a bottom layer of freshly baked biscotti. This trio is the prime fragrance set for a college student who probably drinks more coffee than they do water (Guilty!). 

You can order this candle from WoodWick’s site on Yankee Candle, or from Bed, Bath and Beyond!

6. Way Out West

The final candle company on the list is a small, family-owned business that produces candles naturally and affordably, to provide you with the best scents at the best prices. Way Out West sells many of their complimentary set in bundles, and one of the perfect bundles for the busy and active college student is the Stress Relief bundle. This bundle includes two candles, both of which are infused with pure essential oils to create a bold, genuine scent.

The first scent is Fields of Lavender, which is 8 oz. of pure relaxation. The second scent is Eucalyptus, Mint, and Rosemary, which contains all three essential oils, and produces an incredible stress-relieving effect. For just $34.99, you can have 16 oz. of candles to burn, and two different relaxing and refreshing scents to fill up your dorm.

Order these candles directly from the Way Out West website!

Which one of these candles seems like the best fragrance to freshen up your dorm? Let us know in the comments below!

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