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7 Candle Scents That Are Essential For Your Home

7 Candle Scents That Are Essential For Your Home

Certain candle scents will automatically make any room more pleasant to stay in. If you are able to, lighting a candle can make a room seem that much cozier as the scent fills the room and the warm glow of the flame provides a small source of light. Here are some candles to stock up on to keep your home smelling amazing all year round.   

1. Pine

If you are a fan of the Christmas season, you will definitely appreciate candles with this scent. The scent of pine needles and pine trees will make your home feel cozy all year round which makes this one of the best choices for candle scents. By combining the smells of pinecones and the natural scent of woodland pine trees, your home will have a pleasant natural scent throughout which everyone will surely be able to appreciate.  These scented candles will also be appreciated when lit in a dim room as you relax after a long day. The white or dark green colors these candles typically have will also be sure to put you at ease well past the month of December.Fairy lights or even Christmas lights will definitely complete the scenery when you light this candle.

2. Fruit 

On the opposite side, there’s the smell of fruit which will definitely get you thinking of warmer days. Candles with a citrus scent add a tropical vibe to your home even if it feels like summer is taking it’s time to arrive. Other fruit scents like strawberries, blueberries or other berries can give more of a cozy vibe on a cold day, so it’s up to your taste. Even when they are not lit, the bright vibrant colors of these candles can definitely make a difference in your home. Candle scents of orange, peach, and coconut will give your home a tropical makeover. Make sure to open the curtains if you’re lucky enough to get some sunshine. If not, all you will need is an hour-long loop of beach waves, lay down on the couch and you will be all set for an extended stay-cation. 


3. Apple cinnamon

For more of the cozy vibes, apple cinnamon is definitely a great choice. The scents of baked goods are pretty much impossible to resist, so candles with scents like these will instantly add a home-like quality every time they are lit. The scent of apple cinnamon candles ultimately reaches a balance between sweetness and spiciness that makes them one of the most essential scents for your home. While typically reserved for the seasons when there is more of a chill in the air, apple cinnamon scented candles have a pleasantly warm aroma that is welcomed at all times.

4. Coffee

Can’t get enough coffee in your life? Part of the appeal to coffee drinkers is its scent which is strong while brewing freshly in the morning. A coffee scented candle will make sure that freshly brewed scent stays all day long. It can definitely be described as a bold aroma, but one that still evokes a feeling of comfort.  Whether you enjoy your coffee black or something with a bit more flavor, there are plenty of coffee-scented candles that will suit your taste. Even while coffee shops are remaining closed for the foreseeable future, coffee candle scents will bring the coffee shop ambiance to your very own home. Grab your laptop to get some extra work done or curl up with a good book as your chosen coffee candle burns in the background. Make sure you pour yourself a cup too before settling in. 

5. Pumpkin spice

Speaking of coffee-scented candles, one of the most popular coffee flavors is pumpkin spice. From its autumnal notes to sweet taste, many can’t wait to get a taste as September approaches. Wish the autumn or Halloween season could last longer? Burning a pumpkin spice candle is definitely for you. Just like the signature lattes, pumpkin spice scented candles combine a variety of spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice to give off an incredibly warm and cozy smell with an instantly recognizable sweetness. The warm burnt orange or brown color that these candles have also add to the already cozy vibes. Once you light this candle up, feel free to reach for the closest blanket and settle in for your next movie marathon as the cozy scent of pumpkin spice fills the room.

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6. Lavender

In times of stress, the scent of lavender can help to calm your nerves. If the light purple color of the flower is any indication of its properties, this candle scent could be just what you need in your home.  The scent of lavender has certain relaxing qualities that can help you destress in the middle of a lazy afternoon or right before bed. In fact, lighting a lavender-scented candle before bed can be just what you need to get your body ready for a restful night. When combined with other scents, lavender can act as the perfect compliment for relaxing scents. Vanilla, sage, and eucalyptus blended together with lavender just to name a few make for great candles. 

7. Snow/Winter scents

Wondering how snow can have a scent? Somehow the scents of winter are able to be captured in candles and will always make for the perfect ambiance each time you light them up. Much like the winter season, candles with this scent are meant to be cooler and promote relaxation through the use of natural spices and ingredients. Natural scents like eucalyptus and cedarwood are combined to make for an ultimately cozy scented candle. Although candles like these have more of a subtle scent when they are lit, they are definitely noticeable.  These scented candles are perfect when watching the snow falling gently from the safety of indoors while wrapped in a warm blanket sipping on your beverage of choice.


What are your favorite candle scents that you need to have in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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