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Your Cancer 2018 Yearly Horoscope

Your Cancer 2018 Yearly Horoscope

Cancer 2018 Yearly Horoscope and Cancer 2018 love horoscope is here. Find out what the year 2018 has in store for you. The 2018 astrological shifts are making big moves towards your yearly horoscope so expect shifts, transformations and setbacks in 2018.

Your 2018 Cancer yearly horoscope has a few things in mind for you this year: relationships and business. If you’ve been considering the start of a new solo venture, big things could happen for you midyear. However, the key theme of 2018 is relationships for you, Cancer. 2018 is a new era of romance for you and self-expression, maybe something you haven’t been too good about in recent years; you’ll get to finally defy that crab-like demeanor. The cosmos are granting you permission to have fun so stop taking everything so seriously. Allow yourself to live in the moment. The New Year is about being in the here and now and enjoying it. The stars have a lot to offer you in 2018. Regardless of if it’s work, family, love or finance, the planets will be ready to help you out.

Cancer 2018 Yearly Horoscope

The year kicks off in your sign with a full moon in Cancer. New Year’s Day is the perfect indicator of having an unforgettable 2018. The moon will be in opposition responsible Saturn so let loose and have a good time. The beginning of a great New Year doesn’t stop there. In January a lunar eclipse takes place with the moon in Leo. This throws you further into the spotlight than you might enjoy but don’t worry. This is a perfect growing experience for you which will teach you how to better act with authority and take charge. The stars will demand you dig deep in 2018. As a cancer you’re gifted at using your emotions as a means of focus; this year that skill will be put to the test. If you learn to channel your emotions, it’ll bring you closer to what you desire and what’s important to you.

While the mood may feel serious and you might feel exhausted at times, the pain is temporary. You are about to get real good at drawing lines and saying no to whatever holds you back. 2018 will offer you structure and help clear out anything that no longer benefits you.


By the time late July rolls around another lunar eclipse will promote having a clearer understanding of the world. You’ll finally be able to see the bigger picture and realize there are much larger issues at hand in the world. Jupiter goes into retrograde in Scorpio from March to early July which will help you tune into your intuition. You’ll finally tap into something spiritual. Any obstacles thrown at you will help make you more successful and happier.

Cancer 2018 Love Horoscope

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Cupid is trying to hook you up in the romance department all throughout 2018, Cancer. Get ready for major growth in the realm of love. Jupiter spends a majority of the year in your passionate fifth house, which will bring new attractions and blessings with you for the “the one” factor. Things won’t stay casual for too long in 2018. Your love life gets serious this New Year and it suits you. Serious Saturn has you ready to commit and will be in your committed relationship house until 2020. Take advantage of this long period. If you’re in a relationship, your relationship could be tested by an outside attracting or a need to make romance a priority in your life. Constantly check in with yourself in 2018 about what you want in a partner. Stop wasting time sleeping around. It’ll only detract people from wanting to get serious with you.


When the Sun reaches Cancer, the moon will already be involved with several planets: Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury and the planet of love, Venus. Don’t overlook an advance made in January – it might be among a colleague. When February rolls around, your yearly horoscope makes it the perfect time to get out and put your true intentions out there. What you give off, you’ll receive. You could attract someone who comes on a bit too strong and if it happens, push back respectively. Your 2018 love horoscope works out for the best in March.

Romance will glitter and glow when Neptune casts its glow on you. Careful though, someone you think is soul mate material is absolutely not. Don’t trust it. Smooth talkers may squirm their way into your life come July and August. People will be knocking on your door. While you might not feel attractive during those months, you will be. It’s time to stop giving your energy to people who do little for you. If you find yourself more frustrated with a loved one, then it’s time to move on. Focus on mothering yourself this year and love will follow.

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Cancer 2018 Career Horoscope

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Your professional path will finally start to see traction once you get into a more stable groove. Unpredictable Uranus wraps its seven-year tour in your career house in May. It’s making its last stop before moving out for good. It will however enter your technology zone and set the stage for any virtual work-like business you might have been dreaming of. There will be four monumental eclipses in our money houses in 2018. New opportunities to earn, invest, and merge for gain will be on your side. The July eclipse specifically in Cancer will spark any solo ventures. Saturn will be in your partnership zone and could bring a huge collaborator your way. Keep your eyes peeled for those willing to help you and your business get started. Financial and career prospects in 2018 are looking good.

2018 will help you learn to make crucial decisions in work and they will lead to a happier work environment, perhaps a promotion. Greater earning power is all on your side in 2018. If you allow yourself to come off as a professional, your career capability will skyrocket in 2018. Your 2018 yearly horoscope is about love and developing your career so channel it. Networking will help you in July as Jupiter’s retrograde ends and brings you prospective allies and team players. Make sure you are slowing down to avoid any missteps that could lead your business in a direction you hadn’t anticipated. While 2017 was focused on family and your domestic sector, 2018 allows you to make a few changes. You could be considering relocation or there might be an addition to the family. Your 2018 motto: nurture your heart.


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