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10 Canada Beaches You May Not Have Known About

10 Canada Beaches You May Not Have Known About

10 Canada Beaches You May Not Have Known About

Canada Beaches are not the first images that come to mind when one pictures “Canada” but Canadians do indeed have beaches to enjoy especially in the Summer months. Although the beach window is small, we can make the best of it and enjoy the incredible beaches our country has to offer. The following beaches are not ones that you hear about often, especially in Toronto.

1. Singing Sands Beach, Basin Head Provincial Park

Not to be mistaken with the Singing Sands Beach in the Northern Bruce Peninsula, this beach is on the East coast in Prince Edward Island. You may have heard of this beach as it is famous for its squeaky sand. Apparently, this is due to the high levels of silica and quartz in the sand. Leave the bluetooth speakers at home when you walk along this beach; not only can you enjoy the sound of the water, you can also soak in the experience of both the texture and the sound of the grains of sand moving under your feet. If the singing sands are not enough to impress you, the waters here are supposed to be one of the warmest in Canada. Next time you plan on going to Florida for the warm swim, consider giving Singing Sands Beach a shot first.

10 Canada Beaches You May Not Have Known About

2. Kathleen Lake, Kluane National Park and Reserve

This lake has sparkling crystal clear water and is backed by mountain-scenery in the Southwest corner of Yukon Territory. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the Kluane Mountain Range is home to bears, sheep, wolves, moose, goats, and caribou. As well as hiking, the park offers boating in the lake and camp sites. Being a short drive from town means you won’t need to pack food with you if you prefer to travel light. For more information, check out this website which offers all the details and a map!

3. The Hopewell Rocks, The Rocks National Park

The Hopewell Rocks or the “Flowerpot Rocks” are located in The Rocks National Park in New Brunswick. They look smaller around the bottom than they are on top making them reminiscent of seals balancing beach balls at a circus . . . or, like flowerpots. These giant rocks rise up high above beachgoers and are home the all the trees that grow on top of them. For more on the origins and history of these pillars, visit this website.

10 Canada Beaches You May Not Have Known About


4. Kejimkujik Seaside, Kejimkujik National Park

The seaside at Kejimkujik National Park is one of the many Canada beaches you do not want to miss out on visiting. The intensely blue waters of the Atlantic, the seals, flowers, and white sand beach together make a combination that would make any Torontonian drool. For tips on planning your visit to this Nova Scotia beach, check out the information provided on the Park’s webpage.

5. Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park

Another beach to visit whilst you are in Nova Scotia is Lawrencetown Beach. In the Summer, there is no need to fly out of the country for a good beach getaway. They even offer surfing equipment and lessons. Lawrencetown Beach even has its own website with more information on what the adventure-packed beach has to offer.

6. Good Spirit Lake, Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park

Good Spirit Lake is an adorably shaped lake in Saskatchewan. The beach is a popular destination for families and pets. There are two campsites that you can book through Saksatchewan’s tourism website. By reserving a spot you can be sure to have a place to shower, do laundry, and cook. The park also offers many recreational activities that you can enjoy even if you are not camping there.

7. Havre-Aubert, Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec

The beaches in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine are located just north of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Havre-Aubert is home to a beach with blue waters and white sand. However, in the windy weather, it is dangerous to swim in the waters so try to choose a calm day to go. You can plan to get there by ferry, cruise, airplane or bus. This site gives you any information you may need for your next getaway!

10 Canada Beaches You May Not Have Known About

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8. Bennett Lake, Yukon Territory

Canada beaches are not only found on the East coast. In Yukon, relatively close to Kluane National Park and Reserve, is Bennett Lake. The Southern part of the lake stretches down far enough to cross over to British Columbia. The beach areas surrounding the lake are not exactly tropical but the scenery surrounding the water is incredible.

9. Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan

This beach is a welcoming one in a resort village in Saskatchewan. It is situated on the shore of Little Manitou Lake. Besides visiting to enjoy the beach, the village boasts a unique spa called Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa. Even if you go when the lake water is not particularly hot, a soak in the therapeutic spa waters will warm you right up. Check out this website for more information.

10. Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, British Columbia

British Columbia’s Provincial Park offers a beach as well as hiking trails. The combination of sand, saltwater, wildlife, and forest will make your stay an active one. For a full list of activities they offer, check out the BC parks website. If you are so inclined, you can even reserve space in their campsites for a longer stay.

With a bit of research, the idea of Canada beaches does not seem so foreign. This Summer, let us show the warm weather our appreciation by enjoying the Canada beaches across the country. I will be the one splashing in the water!

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