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What You CAN and CAN’T Bring to SJU

So you’ve graduated from high school and are enjoying your summer with friends, but soon reality will hit and you’ll be leaving home for probably the first time in your life. You’ll have to pack up for college, but pack up what? You’re about to have a new home in Queens, so you’re going to need to bring the necessities to make dorm life a little more comfortable and enjoyable. Keep reading for all the items you absolutely must bring to SJU, as well as all of the things that are better off staying at home!

Items You CAN Bring to SJU:

These are the absolute musts for dorm life AKA the first time you’ll be living away from home. Just be sure to consult with your roommates on some things. You don’t want to end up with four refrigerators in a shared space.

1. Sheets, blankets and pillows.

This is a given, of course! You’re not going to want to sleep with nothing, so pack two sets of everything. Bring some fun linens that will brighten up your space; just make sure they’re standard twin!

2. Towels.

Once again, a given. Pack two sets of towels, that way when one is in the laundry you still have a clean set ready to go.

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3. Toilet paper and paper towels.

When you’re sharing a bathroom with up to four other people, you can never be fully stocked in this department!

4. Refrigerator.

This is something to consult with your roommates, but one mini fridge is definitely a must! You can even rent one from SJU, giving you some extra space in your car on move in day.

5. Toiletries.

Pack the necessities like shampoo and soap, but also any products that you regularly use, for example hair products or makeup. You won’t want to make any trips to RiteAid your first days on campus!

6. Cleaning supplies.

Living with other people means there’s bound to be a mess sometimes. Contact your roommates to see who can bring what and be prepared with a mop, a broom and some Lysol wipes.

7. Garbage can.

After all that cleaning you’re going to want a place to throw everything away! SJU provides every suite with a garbage can and recycling bin, but you’ll want a smaller can for your own room as well.

8. Hangers.

While you’re busy figuring out what clothes to bring, don’t forget that you’ll need something to hang everything up!

9. Laundry basket and detergent.

Have the laundry basket ready for an overflow of dirty clothes. Have the detergent ready for when you’re actually going to venture to the laundry room.

10. Area rug.

This one is totally optional, but an area rug can add some warmth and color to your new space!

11. Dishes and utensils.

Bring a couple sets of dishes and utensils to keep in your common room for when Monty’s just won’t cut it.

12. Television.

Figure out if you’ll want a TV in your room, or if you and your roommates will share one in the common room. Either way, SJU provides each room with cable channels; just don’t forget your television and cable cords!

13. Extension cord and power strip.

Dorm rooms are tiny and provide little outlet space. Don’t be unprepared for this and instead come with an extension cord to make sure everything can reach the outlet, and a power strip to increase your outlet space.

14. School supplies.

Forget overpaying at the campus bookstore. Come stocked with the basics instead.

15. Ironing board and iron.

Another optional item on the list, but something that can come in handy for the entire suite.

16. Flashlight and batteries.

You never know when a bad storm could hit, so be ready with a flashlight. Also have that stash of batteries for when your remote breaks at 2 in the morning and you don’t feel like making the trek to Marketplace.

Items You CAN’T Bring to SJU:

This is everything that needs to stay far away from your dorm at SJU. Bringing any of these items into your room will result in fines, and in some cases expulsion. Bottom line, don’t pack any of these items.

1. Weapons of any kind.

This shouldn’t even be a question, so don’t even think about bringing any kind of weapon onto campus.

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2. Space heaters.

Your dorm has heat and air conditioning, so there’s no need to bring anything additional.

3. Halogen lamps, candles or oil lamps.

Any kind of lamp or candle that must be lit isn’t allowed in the dorms. Again don’t bother bringing them because you’ll just end up with a hefty fine.

4. Hot plates and toaster ovens.

Hot plates and toaster ovens are another safety hazard in the dorms. Just stick to the microwave in your suite, or the kitchen in your building.

5. Pets.

Sorry but your beloved Fido is not allowed in the dorms. Just bring some pictures of your furry friend and teach them how to FaceTime for when you’re feeling homesick.

6. Non-university furniture.

Each room comes with a bed, desk and dresser for each person, and in the common rooms there are couches, chairs and tables. All of this furniture means no need to bring any from home.

7. Excessively large storage.

Dorm rooms are tiny, and you’re sharing the space with others. Keep your storage items small to make your room feel more open and less cluttered.

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8. Alcohol or drugs.

SJU is a dry campus; so don’t have alcohol or drugs out in your dorm. It’s not worth getting caught.

While all of these tips should help you in narrowing down your packing list, the biggest thing to remember is this: only pack what you think you’ll need and can’t live without. By staying away from all of those forbidden dorm room items, and packing only the necessities, living on campus at SJU is guaranteed to be a whole lot easier!

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