4 Campus Resources You Must Know About

Colleges and universities offer many resources that stimulate motivation and confidence for students’ future goals. This doesn’t just happen in a classroom. These resources are useful to all majors and are located on most campuses. Take advantage of the following while they are free, convenient and available.


Computer Labs
Free Internet is a must-have for any college student. Most campuses provide an entire floor of free Internet access. Research, reading, downloading, and live streaming are all at your fingertips (literally) with a visit to your school’s computer lab. Additionally, college computers have expensive software installed on them, and allow students free access for projects and presentations. Oftentimes, college computer labs are complete with scanners, printers and copying machines for student use. Sometimes there is a minimal fee, so be sure to bring change and take full advantage.

Career Center
An experience at your school’s career center can uncover the possibilities of the near future and prepare a student for the upcoming real world experiences. For example, some campuses offer a mock interview comparable to post-grad and internship interview situations. Students receive feedback with helpful pointers on how to improve and ace that dream job interview. Also, career centers give resume advice. Meetings are scheduled in order to look over a student’s resume and advise students from an employer’s point-of-view to make them seem perfect for the position, just from one piece of paper. Career centers are also a direct connection between students and potential internships and jobs. It may take more than one appointment with your advisor, so make sure you stay consistent! It will pay off.

The library is not a space limited to only books. Students can also thrive in the library. On-campus libraries designate study areas or private rooms for group projects, individual assignments and even tutoring sessions. It is also a great space to go to when you need a break from your small dorm room or floor’s common area.

Writing Center
The writing center is another location on campus that offers free use of computers for rough drafts, final drafts, presentations and more. Employed students and campus staff are available for personal feedback and edits on whatever you are working on. A simple topic and rough draft can blossom into an entire piece guaranteed to impress your professor. Writing doesn’t come easy to all, but sometimes all you need is a little guidance.

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The next time you start panicking about an exam, internship or a paper, stop and research the different resources your school provides. Take advantage of these and breathe easy knowing that your school has got your back!





Victoria Gray

Torie Gray is a junior at Florida State University. She is finishing her Public Relations degree and starting her degree in Editing, Writing and Media. She enjoys tennis and running, and loves all water sports and the beach. As a college student, she enjoys a busy lifestyle, and is involved in many on-campus organizations and clubs. She is excited to be a StudentRate Campus Coordinator and hopes to provide useful information for other college students. Go Noles!

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