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Campus Resources At UCLA Every Student Should Know

Campus Resources At UCLA Every Student Should Know

By now, every UCLA student knows to go to office hours, see a doctor at Ashe when they’re sick, and check out a study room for last minute cramming. However, there are many campus resources at UCLA that are often shrugged off or looked over out of pure laziness. These campus resources at UCLA can help you achieve everything from receiving an A on your next paper to getting hired after college.

1. Powell Research Assistants/Librarians

We’ve all taken a picture of it for Instagram, but have we gone inside and used it? UCLA librarians and research assistants are incredibly knowledgeable. They are here to help you, whether it be finding sources or answering questions. Seeking out help through the librarians or assistants can make writing papers much less overwhelming.

2. Fitness Centers (Rentals, Too!)

Everywhere else, gym memberships are pretty pricey. Here, your access is free. Besides the weight and cardio rooms, UCLA offers many classes for free. The rental center and bike shop let you borrow bikes, tents, sleeping bags, coolers, and more (at great rates) to help you go on all sorts of adventures!

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3. Mental Health/Counseling Services

College can be an incredibly stressful time for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a severe disorder or if you just need to reach out and vent; there is counseling available to every student. It can make a tremendous difference, whether it be academically or to your overall health.


4. Undergraduate Writing Center

Many classes (and future jobs) stress the ability to write analytically and coherently. This resource can help you improve in all aspects of your writing – and even help you get an A on your next paper.

5. Office For Students With Disabilities

This resource allows for equal accessibility throughout the UCLA campus, no matter your disability, whether it be temporary or lifelong. They are able to offer rehabilitation services, medical care, and more to help put you at ease and make life easier on campus.


6. Free/Discounted Services

We all get free access to home basketball and soccer games, but UCLA also offers free subscriptions to HBO GO, discounted Spotify memberships, and theme park tickets (plus a free escort service at night).

7. CLICC Computer Labs

Computer died on campus and you forgot your charger? Computer labs on campus allow you to finish homework in time, in a quiet area with color printers, scanners, Macs, and Windows computers.

8. Campus Cuts

UCLA Campus Cuts offers affordable haircuts and other services convenient to you. It’s much easier than going off campus.

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9. UCLA Computer Store/Tech Zone

It’s on campus. They know a lot about technology. They have discounts. The UCLA computer store and tech zone can buy back your old electronics and fix up your new ones.

10. Campus Clubs

UCLA has their own radio stations, newspapers, magazines, student-run companies, and more! Use your time on campus to get involved with things you’re passionate about. Your experience in the fields you explore could land you an internship or job.

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11. Career Center

Why are you studying here in the first place? If your answer is to get a job, I would highly suggest checking out the career center, or looking at their page online. They can offer you help, and organize your thoughts and wants in a career to make the process run smoother.

Make sure to take advantage of the campus resources at UCLA can offer to help ease your mind and your bank account; you’ll thank yourself later!

Have any other campus resources at UCLA every student should know about? Comment below!

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