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5 Calming Travel Destinations For The Busy Body In Your Life

Life gets busy. Whether you’re constantly doing school, work, or both, life can become busy, stressful, and sometimes a little overwhelming. We can get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we sometimes forget to slow down and take a moment to relax and unwind. That’s where a calming vacation comes in. And that’s when you need to look for calm travel destinations to potentially go to. A peaceful getaway is a perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate so that when you head back into reality, you can take it on with the clearest head and relaxed body. That’s the point of a vacation, right? You go on one so that you can relax, and when you head to some calm travel destinations, the relaxing comes easily. 

There are many places you can go in order to find that tranquility that you seek from a calm travel destination. And we compiled a list of five really calm travel destinations that you can visit in order to slow down and relax. What’s great about this list – and the fact that you can find tranquility almost anywhere if you look hard enough – is that it’s not just throwing a bunch of beach destinations at you. While the beach can be calming and relaxing, there are other amazing places you can travel to to reach that calm state of mind and slow down that busy body mentality in you. It’s time to start planning your trip to one of these calm travel destinations for some relaxation and rejuvenation. 

1. Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Strolling the cape and exploring lighthouses is one of the most relaxing things you can do and that’s what you’ll get if you choose Cape Elizabeth as your calm travel destination. This town is home to the Cape Elizabeth Light, an active lighthouse since 1874, and one of the most popular lighthouses in the states. When you take your lovely strolls through Cape Elizabeth you’ll be introduced to tons of history and classic New England architecture to marvel at. Don’t forget to stop for some of Maine’s most delicious lobster after sightseeing in the town all day long. From lobster rolls to full lobster meals, Cape Elizabeth is one of the best places to get fresh Maine lobster. This quaint little coastal town is the perfect calm travel destination for anyone to unwind, explore a new place, and eat great food. 

2. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

There is just something really calming about a nice still lake. Don’t know if it’s the scenery around the lake or the crystalline waters, it’s probably a combination of both, but whatever it is, Lake Louise is the perfect calm travel destination. It might be one of the most relaxing lakes because campers and hikers can see incredible mountain views that almost look too beautiful to be real and perfectly blue waters that move softly with the smallest trickle. It’s a great trip year-round because you can hit up the trails for hiking when it’s warmer and go tubing and visit “Bubble Lake” in the winter. What’s cool about “Bubble Lake” is the decaying plants release a gas that creates bubbles that get trapped in the ice as the lake starts to freeze. You can see the “bubbles” just below the surface and it makes for an incredible sight. If you are a busy body who loves the outdoors, Lake Louise is the calm travel destination that is perfect for you.

3. Navagio Beach, Greece

You knew I was going to include at least one beach in this list right? An international calm travel destination is Navagio or “Shipwreck” Beach in Greece. Back in the day, the beach was a popular smuggler’s spot and there are a few remains of what used to be the ships they used for smuggling still on the beach today. But now, you can find crystal blue waters and illuminating white sands during your trip to this calm travel destination. Located on one of the largest Ionian Islands, Navagio Beach is the perfect place to relax during the day and close enough to Melissini Cave and some of the best gyros and frozen Greek yogurt. With plenty of places to explore, Navagio Beach is a great calm travel destination if you want to really get away and travel overseas. 

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4. Provence, France

Speaking of traveling overseas, if a beach in Greece isn’t what you fancy how about the rolling vineyards of France? In this famous French region, you’ll lose yourself in miles and miles of gorgeous vineyards and captivating views of the Alps making this a really calm travel destination. But it isn’t all about wine here. In Provence, you can also find the most beautiful olive groves, pine forests, and lavender fields. I mean come on, what is more relaxing than the smell of lavender? You can take a serene stroll through the lavender fields and already feel ten times more relaxed than you do when you were at home. Nice, Marseille, the French Riviera, and Avignon are all cities you can visit when you make your way to this calm travel destination. Make your way to France for your next relaxing trip.

5. Newport, Rhode Island

This ritzy little town is the perfect calm travel destination if you are just looking to get away for a short while. There are a lot of things you can do in this town that will make you forget about all the stress back home. You can tour a bunch of mega-mansions to get a glimpse into some of the wealthy families that used to live there before heading into the town for shopping and a massage or facial at one of the many spas. End the day with a sailboat ride or a scenic Cliff Walk and take in the beautiful sunsets that Rhode Island has to offer. A catalyst to see while in Newport is the architecture. Filled with 19th-century summer “cottages” and colonial-era buildings give Newport an Old World, blue blood appearance and make for one of the calmest travel destinations. If you feel like immersing yourself in a lifestyle that might be completely different from yours for a while then this is the trip for you. 

What are some calm travel destinations that you’ve visited when you were ready to leave your busy life behind for a while? Are there some other calm travel destinations that you’d like to visit that you haven’t before? Let us know in the comments!

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