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Calling VS Texting: When To Use Which

Calling VS Texting: When To Use Which

The issue of calling vs texting can sometimes feel like a pressing one when you aren't sure which to use. This guide will break it down for you!

When it comes to calling vs texting, everyone seems to have a preference. Sometimes it’s nerves other times it’s just laziness taking over but there is a definite protocol to these two forms of communication. Certain instances function smoother depending on how you get in touch with someone. In the great debate of calling vs texting, here are a few examples of when to use which.

1. Call: For An Immediate Answer

There are few things that are as unproductive as sending multiple “where are you” texts when you are meeting up with someone. They may be driving, parking, or occupied at the moment when your message comes through. If you are meeting up with someone at a secondary location, a phone call will get you an answer so much sooner. The risk you run with texting is that it can be lost among other messages and then you are left waiting for what seems like hours. When it comes to getting a short immediate answer, calling is the way to go. This is defintiely something to keep in mind when it comes to calling vs texting!

Calling VS Texting: When To Use Which

2. Text: Making Plans

In what seems to be the precursor to the previous point, making plans to meet up with someone should be done via text. It creates a more casual atmosphere and you don’t feel rushed to come up with an answer before the phone call drags on for too long. This is the case when canceling plans as well because there may be extreme circumstances where you don’t have a spare moment to make a lengthy phone call when a simple text will get the job done. If you want to create a low-pressure environment to planning a day out, texting should be your preferred method.

Calling VS Texting: When To Use Which

3. Call: Job Inquiries

This may seem like an obvious one but phone calls for job can also be the most stressful. Many positions state that they want phone inquiries instead of paper applications and sending a text will not land you that position. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, getting used to having phone calls with businesses is a necessity. In today’s marketplace phone interviews are becoming the norm, or step 1A if you will, and you need to be prepared for that. It can be incredibly difficult to get through, but that phone voice should be ready at all times!

Calling VS Texting: When To Use Which

4. Text: New Flame

I have yet to come into a situation where a blossoming romance started with a phone call. With phones being an integral part of dating, texting should be your introduction to communicating with a potential new flame. You get a sense of who a person is by how often they reply to your texts and the amount of time in between. This will allow you to decide if you want to take the next step, phone calls in most cases, and get a little more serious. As stated previously, texting can keep things casual and can always be a quick end to a situation you don’t want to pursue any further.

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Calling VS Texting: When To Use Which

5. Call: Parents/Older Family Members

Sure, your older family members may know how to text but there is often a disconnect in the messages. We tend to overanalyze the way they text simply because they use shorter words because they don’t want to spend a lot of time typing. If you want to avoid those moments of miscommunication, make the phone call instead. Grandparents love to hear your voice and in a moment of panic, a call to your mom can solve things quicker than texting.

Calling VS Texting: When To Use Which

6. Text: Group Projects

Sometimes you have extensive group projects where you need to meet up or have lengthy discussions. Instead of having an uncomfortable phone call with people you just met or endlessly waiting for email responses, consider texting as your form of communication. I’ve found that members are more likely to respond to a text before an email even if you send the email days before. It may even start a friendship with texts going back and forth but that is not a requirement!

Calling VS Texting: When To Use Which

Here’s hoping whichever method you use to connect is successful! What’s your take on calling vs texting? Tell us in the comments!
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