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Cafes You Must Visit In Bellingham, Washington

Cafes You Must Visit In Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham, Washington is full of cafes, chain and independent, which is perfect for a college town. There are plenty Woods Coffee and Starbucks in the area, and those are convenient to study at and are consistent with the drinks. If you’re new to Bellingham or just visiting for a weekend though, here are a few cafes you should visit while you’re in town.

Makeworth Market

Address: 1201 N State Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

Makeworth Market opened in 2019 and and is located at 1201 N State Street, Bellingham, WA. According to their website, “customers can purchase merchandise from independent makers and artisans that are local to our home towns in the PNW and SoCal”. In addition to merchandise such as art, bags and jewelry they offer coffee, beer, cider, tea and baked goods.

The floor-to-ceiling walls provide amazing natural lighting for indoor pictures, and the classy chic furniture will make every photo Insta worthy. There’s plenty of seating if you want to work on a group project here and music is always playing, Occasionally live music is played here and free to attend, but usually music will be playing over the speakers.


It’s two stories and there are two seperate areas upstairs to lounge or study in. One is along the windows, which provides a good view for people watching and is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle downstairs. The other area is tucked in a corner of the cafe and has a few couches set up along with barstool seating. You can clearly see the first floor from any spot upstairs which is convenient for when your order is ready.

There’s lots of houseplants inside, which adds to the natural feeling of the cafe.

The menu is small and simple and they have specials during certain seasons or holidays, for example in the fall they have a pumpkin spice latte.


They host events and workshops and are active on their Instagram which you can follow @makeworth_market for updates.

This is definitely a great place to study, catch up with friends, or do a mini photoshoot with friends at. You should for sure check this place out and you can find more info here


Avellino Coffee House

Address: 1329 Railroad Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225

This hole in the wall coffee shop is located at 1329 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, WA, right near Bellingham Station. So you can easily bus to the cafe if you have no other mode of transportation, although there is plenty of parking on Railroad Ave for those who drive. It has outdoor seating for warmer, sunny days, a couch in one corner of the shop and plenty of seating in the tiny shop.

The quirky yet simple appearance on the exterior of the shop sets customers up for what’s on the inside. Classic black chairs are for customers with mismatched wooden or black tables to sit at.


Near the front of the shop, where the couch and one tall table for two is located, the natural lighting is great. There are lots of plants near the windows and they liven up the shop. The dim lighting throughout the rest of the shop provides a cozy, relaxing vibe.

There’s a constant buzz from the ice machine in the kitchen, but that provides a nice whitenoise for anyone that likes background sounds while studying. In the center of the main dining area there’s a larger table for a group, but most of the tables are for two which is convenient if you’re going on a study date or need to work alone.

Their menu offers hot and cold drinks, with four sizes for hot drinks, 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz. and 20 oz. and depending on which cold drink you get will determine the size availabilities, although many of them only come in the 12 oz. option.


They offer espresso, tea, creamsicles, italian sodas, smoothies and sell an assortment of baked goods as well.

Their cold drink, Fantasia, is a personal favorite. It consists of cinnamon, coffee, and orange zest. The flavor combinations wake up your taste buds, is full of rich flavor and caffeine from the coffee boosts your energy.

This cafe is great for stopping in and staying for a couple hours or stopping in for a quick drink because of the convenient downtown location near the bus station. You should definitely check it out!


You can visit their website.

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Baby Greens Cafe

Address: 1201 Cornwall Ave Ste 103, Bellingham, WA 98225

This cafe originally started out as a plant shop when it opened in 2018, and opened a coffee shop adjacent to the plant shop in early 2019.

On top of being able to purchase plants here, this cafe will definitely satisfy your Instagram feeds soul, which is mostly why you need to stop by this cafe. The south-west facing windows provide amazing natural sunlight and golden hour at the shop is picturesque.

There are low hanging lights throughout the shop which add to the aesthetically pleasing features of the shop, and they provide dim lighting after the sun sets.


They are located at 1201 Cornwall Ave Ste 103, Bellingham, WA, which is about a 10 minute walk from the bus station. There’s street parking available and a pay-by-the-hour parking lot nearby as well for those who drive.

There’s limited seating inside and the cafe portion of the shop is quite small. They have a lot of outdoor covered seating, but as the colder fall and winter weather comes up, sitting outdoors won’t be comfortable. Visiting this cafe during summer or warmer spring days is definitely recommended.

The inside is modern and chic. The counter looks like it’s made out of solid light wood and it adds to the natural plant shop aesthetic. Bar stools line part of the counter and the same stools are at some of the tables inside. There’s also a bench on the window side of the cafe for sitting at some tables.


They sell coffee, tea, beer, cider and wine. They are active on their Instagram updating when they have new plant deliveries and any giveaways they host. You can follow them at @plantshopbaby and visit their website.

Since they were originally a plant shop, there’s more space and emphasis on the plant side of the shop, but you can take many Instagram worthy pictures of you with your drink while here with an adorable backdrop of plants you can’t find in most cafes!


These are just three of many cozy, rustic, chic cafes in Bellingham! Definitely check these out and if you see any cafes but have never been there before, you should drop in! There are many hidden gems in Bellingham and part of the appeal is stumbling upon them without advanced notice! Be sure to leave a comment on cafes in Bellingham you recommend checking out!

Featured Image Credit: Julia Phillips (I took the picture)