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Cafes in the Boston Area That You Must Visit

Cafes in the Boston Area That You Must Visit

Cafes in the Boston Area That You Must Visit

Everyone loves to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with a flaky pastry, but it is definitely difficult to find the ideal location that isn’t a Starbucks. Don’t worry, we’ve produced a list of the top Boston cafes to visit right now; packed with delicious cuisine and drinks to wash it all down, these cafes will have you rushing to pick up a friend and head to one of them.

Thinking Cup

With multiple different locations, including the shopping and life-filled Newbury Street, Thinking Cup is one of the many Boston cafes you won’t want to miss. Apart from its fantastic setting, their extensive menu ensures that even the pickiest of diners will find something to their liking. Try one of their delectable lattes, which come in flavors like honey cinnamon and vanilla ginger. Then head over and check out their excellent sandwiches, such as the Barcelona Bliss or the Smoking Jamaican, or go for a simple grilled cheese. No matter what you chose, even if you settle for a simple pastry, your stomach will be left satisfied!

Bonus Point: Their menu also includes a plethora of gluten-free and dairy-free options! Gluten-free chia seed pudding or French macarons, as well as dairy-free zucchini bread or biscotti, are just a few examples!


1369 Coffee House

This next place is one of the more classic Boston cafes that you absolutely need to try. The environment is warm and inviting, making you want to stay and not leave until you’ve returned to the counter multiple times for more delights. 1369 is not only a great place to grab a tasty muffin and a hot coffee, but it’s also a great place to relax and read a book or people-watch. 1369 Coffee House, with locations in the heart of Cambridge, is a great place to meet up with a friend. Their drink menu features a variety of interesting options, like Vietnamese Coffee, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Homemade Chai. If your stomach starts to grumble, add a delicious sandwich to your order with contents like Caribbean Tuna Salad or Cranberry Walnut Goat Cheese Salad.

Bonus Point: There are daily specials that keep the menu interesting and unpredictable!

Ma France

Ma France, located in Lexington, gives the suburbs of Boston a taste of France without having to travel across the ocean. A mostly French-speaking staff will greet you with a pleasant “Bonjour!” and all of the food and grocery items are 100% authentically French! Come in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and choose from a variety of options, including grab-and-go pastries and sit-and-eat sandwiches. As soon as you step in, the aromas of buttery croissants and toasty baguettes fill the air, making your mouth water. To go with your pain aux raisins or Nutella beignets, an espresso machine is ready to prepare you a steaming café au lait or a foamy cappuccino. And, as I’m sure you’ve been anticipating, they serve crepes. Choose from a choice of delectable spreads and fruits, or try a savory crepe made with gluten-free batter topped with cheeses, vegetables, meats, and more!


Bonus Point: Ma France offers a variety of grocery items that are so authentic you will think you transported to Paris; get your hands on cheeses, French snacks, jams, and even French soaps!

3 Little Figs

3 Little Figs, one of the more charming Boston cafes, offers a diverse cuisine that is both delicious and nutritious! Their inventive menu items include chia pudding and ricotta toast, all washed down with a delectable and nutritious smoothie-like raspberry pitaya or galactic berry! The extensive drink menu and selection of delectable sandwiches aren’t the only highlights of 3 Little Figs; the service is also exceptional! Anyone who visits this cafe will return the next day for more; don’t be put off if there is a line out the door, it is well worth the wait!  With a buttery lavender scone and an iced matcha, you’ve got yourself a tasty and trendy breakfast! Is your stomach also grumbling or just mine? If yours isn’t already grumbling just wait until you see some pics of our recommendations below!

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Bonus Point: The coffee drinks and pastries are beautifully displayed and decorated; your meal will not only satisfy your palate it will also be aesthetically pleasing!

Kōhi Coffee Company

Next on the list of must-visit Boston cafes is Kōhi Coffee Company. Khōi, which means “coffee” in Japanese, offers excellent espresso drinks, house-baked products, and fruit with house-made granola and yogurt. High-quality beverages, such as NuNu dark chocolate mochas, and fresh pastries, such as salted chocolate chip cookies and savory scones, are available at this delectable alternative to large coffee chains. The white walls and abstract rams head emblem sets Kōhi apart even more in a city dominated by Dunkin Donuts; their impressive espresso setup will also be enough to impress visitors without even needing to try anything. The cuisine will not disappoint either; avocado toast or cinnamon and maple butter toast are sure to leave your stomach happily filled. Try out the Nola cold brew, brewed with chicory root, slightly sweet, served with milk!

Bonus Point: Non-dairy milk options do not cost extra at Kōhi!


If you weren’t already convinced you were hungry and in need of anything other than Dunkin Donuts, the Boston cafes we’ve listed for you today will do the trick. You and a friend deserve a fancy coffee and a warm flaky croissant, so go treat yourselves! Do you have a favorite Boston coffee shop? Let us know in the comments!