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Cafes In NYC That Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Cafes In NYC That Are Aesthetically Pleasing

These are some cafes in NYC that are aesthetically pleasing to sit in for a coffee break. Whether you need to catch up on some work or get those visually appealing Instagram photos, these cafes can do it all for you. 

1. Remi Flower & Coffee 

Location: 906 2nd Avenue, New York, NY

This cafe’s aesthetic is mixed between a coffee shop and a flower shop.. The various hand-tied bouquets and flowers throughout the cafe give it a touch of English romanticism. Stop in to get specialty lattes such as a rose latte or lavender latte that come with beautifully crafted designs and  vibrant colors, or grab a quick pastry for an on-the go snack. However, this cafe also serves as a flower shop so you can purchase any of their elegant floral bouquets, or reach out to them to discuss any floral arrangements you might need for a special occasion. You won’t miss the fresh scent of floral in the air when you go! 


2. The ELK

Location: 128 Charles Street, West Village, NYC

The ELK cafe in NYC features a monastic ambience through decor of Northwestern style combined with the spirit of being out in nature. It’s a speciality coffee shop so quality is of upmost importance, which is why they offer guests high quality ingredients found locally. It also features a menu composed of health-conscious choices. This particular cafe offers a very relaxed atmosphere to sit down and get any work done. When it’s time for a quick study break, declutter your mind by leisurely browsing through their homestyle and lifestyle items that they have up for sale. 


3. Maman

Location: 239 Centre St, NYC, NY

Out of other cafes in NYC Maman’s infusion of French decor and food,  provides an elegant ambience to what could be considered a traditional cafe. With its name deriving from the word mother in French, this cafe is inspired by the owners from their personal childhood experiences in their mothers’ kitchens. Their delivery of such an experience comes across in their menu that highlights classic childhood favorites from North America and the south of France. With the menu consistently changing their dishes up everyday, you’re bound to expand your food palette by trying out new food. Ranging from coffee and pastries to breakfast and lunch, this cafe provides a delicious menu in an artful French inspired setting.


4. Cafe Medi 

Location: 107 Rivington Street, New York 

Cafe Medi offers you a taste of the Mediterranean while nestled away in the bustling streets of NYC. It’s  vibrant murals that line the walling of the restaurant and the eclectic furniture give off the illusion of being on vacation off in the Mediterranean. Consisting of an outdoor patio, this cafe is a great get together place to catch up with a group of friends. It’s cuisine is inspired around ingredients you can find off the coast of Spain, Italy, or France. Based off of the glowing reviews, this place ends up becoming a personal favorite for many people. 


5. Milk & Honey Cafe 

Location: 119 Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

A personal favorite of mine, this cafe in Brooklyn is the perfect place whether you need to get some work done, or grab something appetizing to eat. Its rustic, open concept style allows light to filter in and enwrap the cafe in a golden glow. Greenery is incorporated throughout this cafe too with a wall of hanging plants as soon as you walk in. With a variety of foods to suit everyone’s preferences whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, this place is a go to for delicious food and an amazing dirty chai latte. 


6. Cafe Colette

Location: 79 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY 

Located in Williamsburg, this cafe embodies the visionary attributes of Williamsburg, trendy and hipster. It’s visually appealing rustic decor translates into its greenhouse garden that is filled with greenery and wooden tables. Building off its aesthetically pleasing rustic vibe, the menu offers New American cuisine influenced by countries such as Spain, Italy, and Central America. Come in to grab a coffee in the early morning, or to enjoy their cocktails during brunch with your friends. Whatever your reason is to stop by, make sure you don’t leave without taking that quality selfie in their greenhouse garden. 


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7. Five Leaves 

Location: 18 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


Adding on to the list of cafes in NYC, this cafe based in Greenpoint offers their own take on Australian-New American food. With a beautiful display of their bar when you walk in, Five Leaves’s unmatchable ambience is created through their old look hipster vibe. Consisting of outdoor and indoor sitting, this place usually gets packed during brunch because of their popular cocktails, and delish food. Make sure to try their pancakes, which are known for being abnormally fluffy and tasty! 

8. Partner’s Coffee

Location: 44 Charles Street, New York, NY


Previously known as Toby’s Coffee, this cafe was originally Brooklyn-based but quickly gained popularity and established five other locations in the city. This place is perfect for serious coffee lovers. If you know your way around espressos and freshly brewed coffee, this is the place for you. With a towering coffee roasting machine in the back, the smell of espresso welcomes you straight in. Unlike some cafes in NYC, this cafe offers a spacious floor plan with spread out seating and high ceilings. You can’t pass up on their speciality coffee either, with some eclectic flavors being only brewed by them.

9. Happy Bones

Location: 394 Broome Street, New York, NY


Last but not least, this stylish cafe takes minimalism to another level. With white brick walls, and deliberate furnishings the cafe gives off clean and crisp vibes. By incorporating local art, and distinct publications from around the world, this cafe is the place to go to when you need to de-stress. Grab one of their speciality coffees, and take a seat allowing the simplistic style of the cafe to slow your mind down from a long day. 

Let us know your favorite cafes in NYC or if you’ve ever tried out any one of these in the comments below! 

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