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5 Cafes In Boston You Have To Check Out

5 Cafes In Boston You Have To Check Out

Although the city of Boston is known for its clam chowder and seafood, it still offers dozens of excellent cafes for all the coffee lovers in the city. Whether you’re downtown or in a neighboring town, there are tons of options to choose from to get your daily dose of caffeine and a bite to eat. These locations offer your staple lattes and iced coffees, but also offer a few unique items of their own and a ton of delicious food menu items. Many of them additionally offer cute and cozy aesthetics that will make you feel right at home during the frigid Boston winters. Here are just a few of the best cafes in Boston that you have to try this winter. 

Tamper Cafe

If you’re in the mood for a nice hot latte and a bite to eat for lunch, Tamper Cafe in Medford is a great place to drop by. This location offers your classic coffees and teas at a fairly affordable price, with drinks such as a flat white, matcha latte, cortado, and a chai latte. Additionally, Tamper Cafe serves an iced americano, iced matcha, iced chai, and more. Its menu might look a bit small, but it boasts some delicious options. It offers a few egg dishes for those needing something for breakfast, in addition to their delicious avocado toast with pumpkin seeds and feta cheese. Tamper also offers multiple bowls, such as the curry bowl and warm quinoa bowl. This cafe offers a very sophisticated, industrial and clean aesthetic, with focuses on white and black lines and a few wooden accents. There are multiple black pipes scattered throughout the cafe to help give that industrial feeling. Overall, Tamper is an excellent place to drop by if you’re looking for the classic cafe drinks in a sophisticated environment. 

1369 Coffee House

Voted the best cafe in Cambridge by Scout Magazine for the past three years, 1369 Coffee House is another great place to drop by if you want some classic coffee or a unique tea. 1369 Coffee House has multiple drinks on their specialties list, such as their homemade chai, malted cold brew, london fog and Vietnamese coffee. Additionally, 1369 Coffee House offers the classics, with lattes, a cortado, and a macchiato. For food, 1369 Coffee House offers both breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, they serve the basic pastries, including muffins, bagels, scones, croissants, and coffee cake. If you’re looking for a more protein heavy option, they also offer egg sandwiches on any of their bread options. For lunch, 1369 Coffee House has a much wider variety of menu items, including their Turkey Gobbler Sandwich, Chicken Club Sandwich, and their daily selection of quiche. 1369 Coffee House has locations in both Inman and Central in Cambridge. 


George Howell Coffee

Located in Downtown Crossing in the Godfrey Hotel, this cafe has dozens of choices in types of coffee you can try. It has several hot coffee options, including its Ethiopian and Kenyan pour over coffees, Cafe Au Lait, and Red Eye. Additionally, George Howell Coffee offers the traditional espresso coffees, such as a macchiato, cortado, and cappuccino. George Howell Coffee also offers a wide variety of teas and tea lattes. If you’re looking for something more unique, George Howell Coffee sells a coffee sangria, which is a brewed coffee steeped with fruit and honey and served over ice. Additionally, George Howell Coffee serves a coffee kombucha, which you can also purchase in a bottle. In terms of food, George Howell Coffee offers a few pastry options and basic sandwiches. One of the perks of George Howell Coffee that makes it so amazing is its student discount, which saves college students 10 percent with each purchase. 

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Thinking Cup Coffee Shop

One of my go-to cafes for the fall season to get a hot beverage is Thinking Cup. With three locations in Boston, Thinking Cup offers a cozy atmosphere with accents of warm wood, old newspapers on the tables, neutral tones on the wall and paintings throughout. Thinking Cup offers a great selection of hot beverages, including their delicious and rich french hot chocolate, honey cinnamon latte, and autumn seasonal hot apple cider. Any of their hot teas and coffees will certainly warm you up on a cold autumn or winter day in Boston. In addition to their large selection of pastries and bakery items, Thinking Cup serves many different sandwiches, including their B.L.A.T., Barcelona Bliss, Smoking Jamaican and a classic grilled cheese, with many add-ons available. Thinking Cup also offers breakfast items, including breakfast burritos and smoked salmon on a bagel. 


Landwer Cafe

Although this cafe right in downtown Boston on Beacon Street has a stronger focus on food rather than coffee, Landwer Cafe’s selection is still excellent and is a great place to grab your morning cup of Joe. Established back in 1919, Landwer Cafe offers the classic espresso options, but also serves several flavored drinks, such as the nutella latte, and the Italian French vanilla latte. In terms of iced drinks, Landwer Cafe serves the classic iced lattes and teas, but also carries a few unique options, such as the Landwer’s famous iced tea, which is a crimson berry brew, with pomegranate and passion fruit syrups and fresh fruit. Landwer Cafe serves a large variety of food, including salads, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. Landwer Cafe also serves breakfast, featuring an eggs benedict, avocado tartine, pancakes and a parfait. This cafe is an excellent place to sit down and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee. This cafe gives off a rustic vibe, with accents of sunflower yellow and a muted seafoam green. 

Boston offers a ton of unique cafes for both tourists and locals to check out. If you’re looking for your new staple cafe to get your daily caffeine fix, there are so many to choose from. Hopefully this list can help you narrow down your options and will help you find your new everyday location to buy your cup of hot or iced coffee.