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You Know You Go To University of Toronto When

Being a student at University of Toronto is an experience like no other. It’s nickname UofTears is not unwarranted. However, it’s not all bad! There are certain things all University of Toronto students know to be true. You know you go to University of Toronto when…

1. This picture is a literal representation of you:

2. You spend more time at Robarts than you do at home

3. You have a love/hate relationship with Blackboard…mostly hate


4. You’re constantly conflicted between going out and having fun or studying

5. You know the struggle of trudging through Queen’s Park in the snow because UofT doesn’t do “Snow Days”

6. You know what UofT time means

7. And because of this you’re always 10 minutes late everywhere

8. Caffeine has become your lifeline

9. You’ve lost your t-card at least once

10. You’ve experienced the awkward silence while waiting for the elevators at Stacks

11. You’re used to walking through someone’s wedding photos to get to class


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12. You aren’t fooled by the squirrels’ innocent act

Whether you’ve experienced some, none, or all of these occurrences, these are the key things that all University of Toronto students understand. It wouldn’t be a true UofT experience without these things that we have learned to embrace and love.

What are some other things that you only understand if you go to University of Toronto? Comment below!
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