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45 Yankee Swap Gifts You Actually Want To Receive

45 Yankee Swap Gifts You Actually Want To Receive

If you're searching for Yankee Swap gifts for a special person, these are the best Yankee Swap gift ideas if you want something cute or funny!

Yankee Swap is the cornerstone of Christmas, and also the reason for every awkward gift exchange to have ever occurred in a large group setting. Without fail, each year my friends and I will try to organize one, and we always end up giving each other bath sets and other such gifts. We all set out to have creative presents and do something unique with it, but in between the limit of how much you can spend and life getting in the way, we all fall back on typical presents. So to help you give an original and unique gift for this year’s swap, here are some Yankee Swap gifts you would actually want to receive!

1. A Useful Pair Of Socks

Notebooks are a cute gift for anyone even if they don’t write too often. This one shows everyone who’s in charge.


2. A Water Bottle Full Of Wisdom

Clearly, this water bottle knows what it’s talking about. Who needs a friend to get pizza with anyway when you can just look down at your watter bottle and know it’s thinking the same thing?


3. This Accurate Travel Tumbler

After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little wine on-the-go…

4. TV Show Themed Items

Any merchandise that is from a TV show that everyone loves is a good option. For Stranger Things fans, this t-shirt will definitely be a hit.


5. A Wine Glass

Because who doesn’t love wine? This wine glass makes a great gift for the casual wine drinker or the one that just needs some relaxation after a long work day.

6. This Funny Card Game

This is the perfect party game for you and your roomies or friends. The statements are hilarious and we all know “that person…”



7. A Drink Koozie

Just what the doctor ordered! A prescription for beer. Perfect for that person that loves to sit back and crack open a cold one with the boys.

8. A Coffee Mug

The perfect little mug for that #GirlBoss starting her day with a hot cup of coffee.


9. A Set of Cute Cat Coasters

Anyone can put a coaster set to use, especially those who like to throw get-togethers. These silicone coasters are the perfect gift for any cat lover. They’re stain and heat resistant and slip-proof!

10. The Cat Mood Chart

This cute little chart can be flipped to let everyone know when you’re in a good mood, bad mood…or when you can’t be bothered at all.



11. The *Backup* Bag

A tote bag is such a practical gift for anyone. There are so many options to choose from and the receiver will definitely get some use out of it!

12. A Fuzzy Beanie

Another practical gift for when the cold weather hits. And beanies look good on everyone.


13. A Motivational Set Of Pens

This set of pens is perfect for anyone who could use that little reminder of how great they are!

14. An Ice Cream Spoon

Okay, come on…I think everyone could benefit from having their own personal ice cream spoon. What do you think?


15. String Lights That Hang Pictures

Twinkly lights for the Pinterest fan because you can never have too many string lights. And you can hang up your pictures with these, too!’


16. Unicorn Slippers

These slippers are even cozier than they look. Anyone’s feet could benefit from these cuties.

17. An Infinity Scarf

This warm, fuzzy infinity scarf is perfect for the fall and winter.

18. Sipping Stones

Any guy (or gal) will love these sipping stones. Instead of throwing ice cubes into your whiskey or wine and watering it down, these stones are the perfect alternative for keeping your drink cold!


19. An Astrological Cuff Bracelet

This bracelet is small and yet so elegant, anyone would be happy to receive it. Not to mention, cuff bracelets are totally a thing right now.

20. Tech Gloves

These are basically a must in today’s modern society. There’s nothing worse than having to take on and off your gloves every few minutes just to send a text.


21. A Tapestry

A Yin-Yang tapestry that is large and works as a perfect accent to any room makes a great gift.


22. A Cookbook

Or should I say a cookbook that’s actually useful. Most of us (sadly) aren’t Chef Boyardee. This is the perfect gift for someone who often attempts to cook, but things don’t always go as planned.

23. Watercolor Scratch Map

A map for the budding traveler. They get to scratch off each state as they visited it. And the finished piece will be a work of art to hang up! This a such a cute Yankee Swap gift idea that can actually last forever!


24. Bluetooth Selfie Stick

An extendable selfie wand for your phone, this is perfect for getting the perfect squad picture. These are great Yankee Swap gifts because who doesn’t take selfies?

25. A Shoe Fund For The Shoe Obsessed

We all know that one girl (or guy) who hoards shoes like an addiction. Always adding to the collection but never getting rid of any (guilty!). This is what they need to start saving up for their next pair.

26. Spice Lover Keychain

For anyone tired of the campus food not being spicy enough; here’s the perfect solution. Plus, you can totally claim it as being an idea for the Queen B herself.


27. If Your Yankee Swap Is For Your Co-workers

This sarcastic and super funny mug is the perfect gift to make any co-worker laugh.

28. Decorative Candles

What’s cuter than a bunch of cactus candles? They’re so cute you won’t even want to light them. Candles always make great Yankee Swap gifts!


29. Flameless Candles

In case the person that you are giving the gift to lives in a dorm, here are some pretty flameless candles that are sure to light up any room.

30. A Copper Head Massager

A handheld head massager for someone who gets frequent headaches or just likes to have their head massaged. Because who doesn’t?


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31. These Adorable Wine Markers

Know someone that loves hosting parties or having people over for drinks? If so, these wine markers are a must. Koalas, sloths, cats, dogs…the Social Climbers make them all.


32. Yummy Bath Bombs For Ultimate Relaxation

Okay, are these donut bath bombs not the cutest things you’ve ever seen? They look so good you could actually eat them! (But we suggest not doing that.)

33. Novelty Popcorn Containers

Fill with a couple bags of microwavable popcorn and candy and they’ve got themselves a movie night!


34. A Cooler For The Golf Course

Got a golfer in your life? They’ll appreciate this cooler more than anyone with room to keep a whole pack of beer cold!

36. Festive Nail Polish

There’s no such thing as too much nail polish.  Choose a festive shade to add some holiday flair!


37. A Pair Of Warm Fingerless Mittens

If you’re looking for a practical gift, mittens are a perfect option.  Whether they are stylish or simple, they are definitely something that anyone would get a ton of use out of. With the option to take off the top, you can send that text whenever you need to!

38. A Cute Travel Makeup Bag

A makeup bag is absolutely an ideal gift for the traveling girl.


39. A Fun Coffee Table Book

A cute coffee table read is the perfect addition to any living space and will provide a conversational topic for guests stopping in over the holidays.

40. A Portable Charger

If your secret Santa is always on the go, they definitely appreciate a fun portable charger.


41. A Decorative Plant You Can Grow Yourself

What’s better than an ordinary plant in a pot? One that you can build yourself!

42. A Cool New Photo Lens For Unique Photos

Whether he or she is a camera pro or a beginner, a snazzy new lens is sure to capture some of their awesome memories over the Christmas break!


43. Laptop Stickers and Decals

Personal but also quirky, laptop stickers make a totally fun Yankee Swap gift!



44. Scratch Tickets

This gift idea is sure to “win” your Yankee Swap recipient over; hopefully in a literal way!

45. Delicious Baked Goods

Sure, baking can be fun but we all know that eating Christmas treats is the best part! Homemade Yankee swap gifts will forever be a favorite of anyones!

Do you have any other ideas for Yankee Swap gifts you actually want to receive? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.



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