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10 Would You Rathers: Carleton University Edition

10 Would You Rathers: Carleton University Edition

We have had quite the year. From the 3-peat at Panda to some... controversial gym issues. These are the hardest Would You Rathers for Carleton University.

Carleton has had quite the year. From the 3-peat at Panda to some… Controversial gym issues. These are the hardest Would You Rathers for Carleton University. Are you ready?

1. Would you rather walk through the tunnels during CUSA election week OR eat caf food every day for the rest of your life?

No, OneCarleton, I don’t have time to talk to you about your platform. At the same time, if I see one more piece of baked basa…


2. Would you rather get lost in the tunnels OR walk into the wrong class during a lecture?

Getting lost in the tunnels is terrifying, because you’re lost underground, and the only way to find out where you’re going is to emerge on the surface again. But if you walk into the wrong lecture, you can either awkwardly leave with everyone staring at you, or pretend you belong there and sit through 3 hours of engineering mechanics. Can we speak English, please?

3. Would you rather wait in the line at the UC Tim Hortons OR get kicked out of Ollie’s on Thirsty Thursday?

Anything for Thirsty Thursday.


4. Would you rather post something controversial on a Carleton Facebook page OR remove the scale from the gym?

Either way, you’re getting roasted.

5. Would you rather miss an exam because of OC Transpo OR never win another Panda Game?

OC Transpo is never on time, especially when you need them to be. Maybe if you didn’t drain your savings on tuition, you could afford a car. But give up Pedro? Preposterous.


6. Would you rather accidentally fall in the canal OR go to the University of Ottawa?

What the f*!$’s a gee gee?

7. Would you rather wait for the next bus OR sprint to the stop at athletics?

Either you’re late, or you’re sweaty and probably still late, ’cause I’m willing to bet you didn’t make it there on time.

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8. Would you rather drive around for an hour trying to find parking OR call it “Richcraft Hall?”


9. Would you rather get rid of Oasis OR get rid of the tunnels?

What could possibly be better than poutine until 2 am? Oh yeah – shelter from the ridiculous Ottawa winters.


10. Would you rather complete the Dunton Tower Challenge OR have every coffee shop on campus close?

You’re dead either way.

What are your favorite Would You Rathers for Carleton University? Comment below!
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