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Top 20 Worst First Date Ideas

Top 20 Worst First Date Ideas

So you finally scored a date with the one you've been crushing on, but where do you go? Whatever you do, don't try out one of these worst first date ideas!

You finally scored a date with that guy or girl you’ve been meaning to ask out for ages. Yay! Now, to the next step: figuring out where to take them. Before you rush into it and embarrass yourself, make sure you don’t pick any of these worst first date ideas!

This is a collaborative piece by: Crystal Lam and Sylvia Lorico

1. Family Events

What do family barbecue Saturdays, your cousin’s wedding, and your little brother’s graduation have in common? Not being first date material! This easily tops the list of worst first date ideas. First dates are about you and your date, not your family. Plus, it’s weird and too forward inviting a first date to personal and family gatherings.

2. Concert or Music Festival

You and your date may both love head-banging at punk rock concerts, but that’s not the place to go for your first date. Imagine getting lost or tearing your shirt in a mosh pit. Not exactly the first impression you want to set!




3. The Mall

If this is the best idea you can come up with for your very first date with someone, I’d be afraid of how mundane your future dates will be. Hanging out at the mall shouldn’t be a date idea – not even for your 5th date – unless you’re still in middle school.


4. The Movies

A first date is about getting to know each other. Unless you’re those annoying people who talk all the way through a movie, you won’t be interacting with your date at all. So if you plan on going to the movie theater, save your money and just watch Netflix at home.

5. Hanging out with a group of friends

Whether it’s with your squad or their squad, this one’s a big no-no. You’d be setting yourself up to be friend-zoned. Having your best buds as backup for those awkward silences totally isn’t worth it.

6. Religious Event

Perhaps this is your way of showing your date more about you, but he or she probably won’t be comfortable with it. You’ll likely put them in an awkward situation – save this fact about you for a later conversation instead.



7. Camping in the woods

What’s worse: getting poison ivy or tick bites or the awkwardness of being so close to a stranger on a first date? Here’s a tip: don’t go on a camping trip for your first date and you won’t have to think about this.



8. A Bar

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two on your first date, but a bar is probably not the best place to be doing it. Bars can get hectic, and it would suck having to yell to your date for them to hear the story you want to tell so badly.

9. Driving around in your car

This is probably the most uncomfortable sitting position you could be when trying to have a conversation with someone. You’ll want to see your date and make eye contact if you find them attractive and are interested in them. Also, sitting in a car for hours is so boring!

10. The Zoo

Perhaps the two of you have a soft spot for all creatures on the planet, but I’d advise against picking the zoo for your first date. Being surrounded by hyper little kids and the stench of elephant poop doesn’t quite set a romantic mood. I’m sure there are other better places to check out.



11. Anywhere you took your ex

This one is common sense but people seem to make this mistake. Please don’t take your date on a scenic tour of all the places you took your ex. Your date doesn’t want to hear about moments with your ex, they want to hear about you.

12. Ice Skating

Ice skating is perfect for a second or third date…but not for the first. If you or your partner are both Olympic skaters great. But if only one or none of you are good skaters one of two things can happen. Best case scenario: your date upstages you. Worst: both of you end up in a pile in the middle of the rink.

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13. Your House

Nothing says “I really like you” more than being lazy and inviting your date over to your house because you don’t want to pay. For a first date, show some effort and go literally anywhere that isn’t your home.

14. Fast Food Restaurant

Dinner is an ideal first date. But I doubt your date wants to hear more about you while the three year olds sitting next to you at the MacDonald’s whine about their toys. Stick to something quieter and classier for dinner.


15. Strolling around town

I guess you can talk about the view? At least at dinner you could make small talk about the food. Now you have to hide the nervousness and come up with your own topic of discussion. Besides, isn’t your date worth more than a stroll on the sidewalk?

16. Museum

Three words: first date jitters. The quietness of a museum is the perfect way to create those feelings of awkwardness. Aim for somewhere a bit louder and slightly more lively.

17. Open Mic Night

Open mic night is a hit or miss. Chances are, the acts are cringe-worthy  at best. This is perfect for setting a bad vibe to what is supposed to be a fun night. Avoid open mic acts and try some real professional acts instead.


18. Double Date

This is a cool date idea, but not ideal for the first date. Your date now has to deal with two more people they might not know too well. Hello awkward!  So while you’re laughing over some good memories, they will be plotting a way out.

19. Amusement Park

Again, good idea but if you don’t know your date’s tolerance with heights and roller coasters, you might end up with a nauseous person. Save it for the following dates and try to keep to the ground.

20. The Club

Butt up and face down. Perfect way to get to know someone right? The club is the perfect place to get turned up, but a bad place to test a potential relationship. Go somewhere where the policy is “face up, butt down.”

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