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10 Women’s St. Patrick’s Day Shirts That You’ll Feel Lucky In

10 Women’s St. Patrick’s Day Shirts That You’ll Feel Lucky In

These 10 Women St. Patrick's Day Shirts are stylish,easy and fun and will make every head turn. Get some inspiration with these looks!

Looking for fashionable women St. Patrick’s Day shirts? Look no further!  This green themed festival is now about more than getting drunk with your best friends at a loud obnoxious Irish pub in the city, it’s also about looking your best while doing all that. Here are 10 of the most stylish women’s St. Patrick’s Day shirts.

1. Green Knit Sweater

With this sweater, your St. Patrick’s Day shirt ensemble won’t be so hidden by a jacket, because let’s face it, March can still be chilly. So, this top makes it a little easier to showcase.   Wear it off the shoulder if you choose, and pair it with skinny jeans, or tights with denim shorts for a more retro look and your St. Patrick’s Day shirt will steal the show.

2. Button Up

This St. Patrick’s Day shirt is a look you can not go wrong with. For this classic button-up dress shirt, the longer the better I like to say. Tie up the buttons into a knot to make it cowgirl style or keep it long and pair it with some leggings. Roll up the sleeves and match it with some bangles or keep the sleeves down for a more winter vibe (because in some parts of the world there will still be snow on the ground.) Ta-Da, a super fabulous women’s St. Patrick’s Day shirt.


3. Green Blouse

You know those conservative blouses that you have one of every colour for? The ones you wear strictly to work? Well, break out the green one because you’re going to turn it into a super sexy St. Patrick’s Day shirt. Unbutton it all the way, tie the bottom, throw a necklace on it, and you have a new very sexy St. Patrick’s Day shirt for a night of celebrating this Irish celebration.

4.  Muted Tee

A green tee is pretty basic when it comes to the typical women’s St. Patrick’s Day shirt ensemble. Usually, people are rocking a green tee with a saying on it,  that’s why you’ll be looking different with a muted off green subtle sexy shirt.  The baggy fit and boxy arms make it as unique as they come. Tuck it into your favourite mini skirt, or let it flow with a pair of skinny jeans.

5. Knit Crop Top

This one is my personal fav.  Let’s be real ladies, you can not go wrong with a crop top of any kind, am I right or am I right? This will look great with a high waisted pair of jeans, flared or skinny. The great thing about this top is it really doesn’t matter. A skirt, shorts or dress pants, the list goes on and on. Who would have thought that your favourite sweater can be used for a St. Patrick’s Day shirt. I love rocking a crop top with a long necklace, but the sweater is your oyster.


6. Pull Over

You can not go wrong with this simple yet stylish pullover sweater. You can tuck it in, or wear it long with a pleated short skirt, or tights. Throw a jean jacket over it, and you have ‘taken less is more’ to a whole new level for your chic women St. Patrick’s Day shirt.

7.  Trench Coat

OK, this isn’t a shirt, but it would definitely turn some heads. Do something daring and different and wear a coat over a non-green ensemble. It’s doesn’t fall under St. Patrick’s Day shirt category, but it works just as well. Some might call it cheating but I like to call it clever.

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8. Green Everything

Why not go all out and dress top and bottom green and double your luck for St. Patrick’s Day? From Working Girl by day to Irish Stylish Lucky Pot Of Gold Girl by night, you’ll be the belle of the hot, sweaty, live cover band, sticky beer spilled floor, ball. Wear some kitten heels, wedges, flats or booties and a black or white tee underneath and you have turned this from a perfect St. Patrick’s Day shirt to a perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

9. Lime Shine

Most women go with a darker shade of green when choosing what green outfit to put together for the Irish festivities, so why not be different and go lime green?  Turtlenecks have made a comeback in a big way and look great with a messy bun or top knot. The baggier the better for this tousled look. Tuck it in or keep it out, anyway will work with this mellow vibe for your St.Patrick’s Day shirt.

10. Polka Dot Party

Last but certainly not least, Polka Dots. Polka dots and crop together? Say no more! This cute and flirty style will make the perfect retro St. Patrick’s Day shirt and will make heads turn left and right. This look is just dying for a pair of high waisted distressed jeans and booties, necklace or no necklace, the top will look cute no matter what.


Don’t let the colour theme deter you from finding your perfect women’s St. Patrick’s Day Shirt by doing something different and standing out. What is your favourite celebration to dress up for? Comment in the section below!

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