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Why You’ll Never Regret Moving To Toronto

Toronto is a fascinating, eclectic city where you can always find things to do during any season. Multicultural and astonishing, this city is one of my favorites. Read this article to find out why moving to Toronto is the best decision to make no matter what season it is.


In the spring, the change of seasons means the flowers bloom and the color of the trees transition. These are both incredible sights to see in Toronto. The cold but pleasant breeze and the fashion bring happiness to the season. Take this opportunity to go for a spin, take a hike or simply shop at St. Lawrence Market. Any of these activities will make you feel happy. Plus, summer is right around the corner.



The city in the summer is fascinating because it has so many festivals, concerts, and events you can go to. Plus, the weather is so incredible that you won’t have a chance to get bored. There’s enough daylight to be more productive than ever. The summer is the most fun you’re going to get if you’re moving to Toronto.


One of my favorites festivals is Salsa in St. Clair, where the whole street by St Clair East is closed. You can find Latin Music, food, and a warming vibe that will make you smile. Of course, it can get a little crowded but if you are looking to have fun this is the place to be.

There are many other festivals from June to September that you can go. This includes the Greek Festival at Danforth, the Italian Fest at Little Italy in College, The Brazilian Fest, and much more. Your summer will be so busy, you wont even think about traveling anywhere other than Toronto. At every festival you can always expect music, food and a touch of culture.

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Why is autumn the best season? The weather is perfect; not too hot, not too cold. Not the mention, the pleasant scenery. Picture it: the change of colors, the maple leaves falling on the ground, and the trending outfits; all of these are fan fall favorites. If you enjoy day trips, there are a lot of hidden places to visit if you’re moving to Toronto.


For a latin girl like me, winter has more meaning. December is the season where families get together and celebrate the joy of the holidays. In Toronto, you can find an amazing vibe, wherever you go. You can ski with your friends, shop at the different malls, admire Christmas decorations, or simply enjoy the time with your family. Go for a walk at the Christmas Market, drink a lot of hot chocolate, and partake in winter sports. Even in the winter, Toronto is incredible.

Without any doubt, this city is one of the best cities of all time to live in. Moving to Toronto is a decision I don’t think anyone would regret.

Share your thoughts why you think moving to Toronto is a decision someone will never regret in the comments below!
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