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Why You Should Move To Toronto After A Heart Break

Why You Should Move To Toronto After A Heart Break

You're crying, wondering if the pain will ever go away. You want to escape. But where? Here's a few reasons to move to Toronto after a heart break.

It’s a cold and lonely night, you’re crying on the floor of your bedroom wondering if the pain in your heart will ever go away. You want to escape, to disappear, to run away. But where? Somewhere exciting, somewhere new, somewhere where you will be able to reinvent yourself and forget all about your broken heart. So, you pack a bag, head to the airport, and get the first flight you see; flight 1047 with service to Toronto. You think “Well, at least it’s far away.”

And once you get there you realize that this was the best decision you have made in a long while. This is the perfect place for you to recreate yourself, to move on,to mend your broken heart. What is it about this  city that makes you forget that you were ever hurt? Well, there are lots of reasons to move to Toronto after a heart break.

1. It’s lively


Ever since you got here you’ve been on the go go go. There is so much to see, so much to do, no matter what time of day it is there are always people out and there is always something to see. You can stroll down by the harbourfront, go fora walk through high park, hit up the night life action on King St. West or Adelaide. No matter what mood you are in, there is always something to do and you never be bored.


2. You will never be alone

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Because of the lively nature of this city, you never feel lonely or be alone. If you want to find people to go out with, you easily can. Also, being surrounded by so many people gives you the constant opportunity to meet new people and to move on from your heartbreak. You can chat up your baristas, your waiters, people you meet on the streetcar, you are never truly alone here.

3. You can reinvent yourself

Having so many things to do and so much around you, it is very easy for you to reinvent yourself. Endless shopping, new styles to try, new hair, tattoos, whatever you want to do to reinvent yourself you can do that here. People will accept the new you, nobody will have known the old you, but they will love you all the same.

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4. It’s easy to forget

Within weeks you have forgotten all about your heartbreak. With the bustle of the city, the crowds of people, the sights to see, the water, the parks, everything; you won’t remember why you were broken in the first place. In this city, none of that matters. You feel independent, free, happy. Everything you needed to move on was placed right in front of you the second you stepped off of that plane, it just took you a bit of time to realize that, But now that you have, you realize that getting over this heartbreak was easier here, it was smooth.


And with that, you are assured that you can tackle anything life throws at you, and you have Toronto to thank for that. MOVE TO TORONTO MOVE TO TORONTO  m

Do you have any other reasons to move to Toronto after a heart break? Let us know in the comments below!
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