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Which Artists You Can Anticipate To Drop The Best Summer Tracks

Which Artists You Can Anticipate To Drop The Best Summer Tracks

Which Artists You Can Anticipate To Drop The Best Summer Tracks

Another year, another summer. And, as we all know, we will undoubtedly be bombarded soon enough with all the latest summer tracks you (probably) never actually wanted to hear. In any case, don’t be surprised if you fall in love with another one hit wonder though, only to completely forget about it by the time next summer rolls around (Major Lazor who?). Oh, the joys of mainstream music.

On a more positive note, you may want to keep a lookout for these artists to (potentially) drop the best summer tracks of 2019. Or, you know, don’t. It’s your life.


Literally, out of all the artists on this list, Canadian songwriter/producer Grimes’ new (as of yet untitled) album, alongside her potential summer tracks, is what I am most anticipating. (Have I confused you yet?) She just recently released her single “We Appreciate Power“. It is definitely a weird one, as if it were written by or for a cyborg, but it is nevertheless extremely catchy and extremely Grimes.


If nothing else, this latest single has her fans, myself included, anticipating her newest album as well as any summer tracks to go along with it. Sadly, there is still no official release date, however. All I can assure you is that it will unquestionably be worth the wait.


Wait, are these guys actually still alive? Wasn’t their last album released, like, one hundred years ago (2009 to be exact)? Well, you better believe it because not only are they coming out with a new album scheduled for April 2019, they will incorporate five new music videos as well as some guaranteed summer tracks (to bang your head to).

Just in case you needed a friendly reminder as to who the hell these guys actually are, Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche industrial rock band from Berlin, Germany. Most impressively, since their formation in 1994, their original lineup has reminded unchanged (that likely explains as to why it takes about 46 years between every album, just a thought).


Die Antwoord

Believe it or not, Die Antwoord is a South African hip hop group formed in Cape Town (2008). The duo consists of rappers Ninja and Yolandi Visser. Their image circulates around the counterculture movement known as zef. So, why exactly, am I even telling you all this? Well, it’s because the duo had said, in 2017, that they will disband, but not before releasing one final album.

And, as far back as June 2018, they mentioned that they will be releasing more tracks within the next year alongside this final album. So, knowing this, we can almost certainly expect some summer tracks within the next few months (fingers crossed).

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The Weeknd

Although I can’t necessarily say that I enjoy this singer and songwriter’s music (born Abel Makkonen Tesfaye), I know that many people around the world actually do. Plus, he’s Canadian, so that usually helps.

Other than winning three Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, nine Juno Awards *inhales deeply*, you can expect The Weeknd to not only release some of the hottest summer tracks this year but an entirely new album (titled Chapter 6) as well!

Danny Brown

Described as “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory”, Danny hasn’t released an album since 2016 and, because of this, there is plenty of speculation that he will be releasing new music this year, just in time for the summer. This is no surprise really considering the fact that he has been dropping hints left and right, so stay on the lookout!


Without a doubt, there will surely be more awesome summer tracks coming our way. That said, are there any that you are anticipating? Let me know in the comments below!

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