Where To Find The Best Dessert In Toronto

If you're looking for some amazing Toronto desserts, here are some places to find the best dessert in Toronto while you're out and about downtown!

Got room for dessert? If your answer is yes then this is the article for you! Whether you’re from Toronto or visiting for the first time, let it be known that this city has some of the most amazing and unique dessert shops to check out! From the classic treats to the new, unimaginable concoctions that will make your mouth water and your Instagram page come to life, here are 20 places to find the best dessert in Toronto!

1. The Chocolate Banana At Beavertails

With locations at Exhibition Place and Centre Island as well as trucks that pop-up across the city, Beavertails are a Canadian classic that have been around since 1978. This dessert features a chocolate spread on their signature dough and topped with freshly sliced bananas. After a stroll around Exhibition or a day of fun at Centre Island, you can’t help but follow the aroma from this shop!


2. Cookie Monster Ice Cream At Fügo Desserts

Fügo Desserts opened in June 2016 with scooped ice cream creations that destroyed the walls of Instagram. They have a super special place in my heart as my friend’s brother is one of the co-owners. Although the flavours they offer are constantly being revised to allow customers to try new combinations, the Cookie Monster is one to stay featuring a classic cookies and cream dyed blue for an exciting twist.


3. Churros From Pancho’s Bakery

Churros are a delish Spanish pastry, and at Pancho’s they can be filled with dulce de leche, chocolate and strawberry sauce. They make for a sweet treat after a stroll in Kensington Market or Little Italy. And at just $3 for 5 of these delectable treats , how can you pass this sweet offer up?!

Honourable Mention: ChurroCone


4. The Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate At Teddy Story

Teddy Story is not only known for their sugary concoctions but also the extensive number of teddy bears for sale. So grab a drink, sit down with some plushies and snap a couple pics at this adorable café and toy store.


5. Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza At Cacao 70

Whether you like your chocolate dark, milk or white, Cacao 70 is a heavenly dream for a chocolate lover. This dessert pizza features a baked pizza crust topped with marshmallows and melted chocolate with fruit and you guessed it; more chocolate on the side.

Honourable Mention: Black and White Chocolate Fondue


6. Injeomi Shaved Ice At Snow Time

Injemoi aka soy powder doesn’t sound the most appetizing, but this large bowl of shaved ice served with a side of condensed milk is to die for. Bingsu (Korean shaved ice) is the perfect refreshing treat for a hot summer day and you can find them at this Scarborough location.

7. Trés Leches Cake From Arepa Café

Arepa Café is known for their authentic Venezuelan cuisine, but the specialty desserts are no exception. Trés Leches Cake is a classic sponge cake, perfect as a dessert after a meal or alongside a cappuccino.

Honourable Mention: Alfajores (almond cookie with dulce de leche)


8. Tiramisu Chimney Cone From Eva’s Original Chimneys

Eva’s food trucks have been sweeping Toronto streets for years but their new Bloor St. location has been a huge hit. The Tiramisu Cone includes a chimney cone that is vegan and filled with layers of graham cracker and espresso powder. If you haven’t seen these cones on your Insta feed yet, you’ve definitely been living under a rock.


9. Chocolate Hazelnuts and Walnuts Crêpe At Crêpe It Up!

Crêpes are a thin pastry typically filled with nuts, fruits or sauces. Crêpe It Up! is an adorable shop serving both sweet and savoury crêpes with a beautiful interior design. The large portion sizes will fill you up while the last bite leaves you wanting more.


10. Peanut Butter Mousse Pie From Wanda’s Pie in the Sky

Dessert stores in Kensington are always a hidden gem and Wanda’s is no exception. Their extensive list of pies cater to every taste bud and if a slice isn’t enough, opt for an entire pie!

Honourable Mention: PB&J Sandwich Cookies


11. Rose Milk Tea From Formocha

The list wouldn’t be complete without some bubble tea that still remains to be a huge hype. Formocha is an adorable café that serves lattes, espressos, milk teas and smoothies. The rose milk tea features their classic milk tea flavoured with rose that can be served with a topping for an additional cost (my favourite topping is the strawberry frubo).


12. The Love At First Bite At Artic Bites

If you want a cold treat that looks just as great as it tastes, Artic Bites is the place to be. Inspired by Thai ice cream rolls, this ice cream shop usually houses long line-ups and for great reason. Love at First Bite features a strawberry/raspberry base with a number of toppings, all made in front of your eyes.

Honourable Mention: Thai Me Up

13. Nutella Bombolone From Sud Forno

A step into Sud Forno is like walking into an upscale European coffee shop. Their Italian pastries are to die for, especially the nutella doughnuts. These Italian pastries serve as an awesome snack for an afternoon of work on the computer or a brunch chat with old mates.

Honourable Mention: Cannella (cinnamon and custard pastry cream) – WEEKENDS ONLY!

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14. Classic Kefir with Walnuts and Apple Slices At deKefir

Unlike your classic fro-yo chains, deKefir offers a natural dairy soft serve along with fresh fruit and nuts. A healthy treat for a sunny day!


15. Walnut Cake At Hodo Kwaja

Located in the centre of Koreatown, Hodo Kwaja is an authentic Korean bakery serving hearty baked goods. Their most popular menu item is the walnut cake which is also the translation of “Hodo Kwaja”. The cake, shaped just like a walnut, is filled with red bean paste and all are made fresh each day.

Honourable Mention: Hotteok (Korean Pancakes)


16. Chocolate Caramel Pretzels From The Golden Apple Confectionary

This location is one to live out your childhood dreams with candied apples, truffles, cream eggs and chocolate covered fruit. The pretzels are dipped in chocolate, drizzled in caramel and are the perfect combo of salty and sweet.


17. Cookies N’ Milk Eclair At Nugateau Patisserie

This fancy and delicious treat includes a chocolate eclair with chocolate crumble, rich cream and chocolate pearls. Nugateau has a beautiful location and every bit truly feels as if you’re enjoying a luxury.


18. Honey Madeleines From Uncle Tetsu

Uncle Tetsu is known for it’s creamy Japanese cheesecakes that have taken the city by storm. If you haven’t tried one yet, definitely do and while you’re at it, pick up a few Madeleines as well. They are a Japanese take on the classic Madeleines which are incredibly buttery and seamlessly melt in your mouth.


19. Rum Cupcakes From Don’t Call Me Cupcakes

Who can say no to a cupcake? Definitely not these ones! Every Saturday, this cupcake shop whips up some gorgeous cakes infused with rum and topped with pink icing. Adorable and so yummy!

20. Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream Sandwich At Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

And we’re ending this one with a BANG. Whoever came up with this combo is golden in my heart. The Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream Sandwich is exactly what it sounds like, a soft frosted cinnamon bun cut in half and filled with Bang Bang’s signature ice cream.

Honourable Mention: Matcha Genmaicha on ginger cookies

Can you think of any other shops with the best dessert in Toronto? Share your favs in the comments!

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