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Where To Eat The Best Ramen In Toronto

Where To Eat The Best Ramen In Toronto

Don't know where to grab a bowl of ramen in Toronto? We have five of the best ramen restaurants for you right here! Check them out!

If you’re a broke college or university student (or even if you’re not), ramen is most likely a staple in your diet because it is cheap, filling, and incredibly delicious. If you’re tired of reaching for your Cup Of Noodles, there are so many ramen restaurants in Toronto that you could go to that won’t break your bank. To make your life easier, we rallied up five of the best ramen spots in Toronto that you have to eat at if you consider yourself a true ramen fan.

1. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Where to go: 91 Dundas St. E. or 515 Bloor St. W.

Now open with two locations, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is our personal favourite ramen spot to eat at in Toronto. Though their menu slightly differs from the original Japanese chain, Santouka offers a variety of delicious ramen bowls that you will want to slurp from. If you’re a fan of spice, their Kara Miso Ramen truly packs on the heat. For when you’re feeling hungry, turn your meal into a combo to have a donburi rice bowl or order their mouthwatering gyoza. They don’t take reservations so plan accordingly because they tend to have insanely long lines during peak meal times!


Where To Eat The Best Ramen In Toronto

2. Ramen Isshin

Where to go: 421 College St. or 111 Richmond St. W.

Now open in the popular cafeteria-style Assembly Chef’s Hall, the original Ramen Isshin sits right by Toronto’s Little Italy and Kensington Market. This ramen spot arguably has one of the most expansive menus, offering a variety of authentic bowls and plenty of vegetarian options. They are best known for their White Sesame Shio Ramen and their Spicy Black Tan Tan Ramen, which comes with grind-your-own sesame seeds you can add to the broth to enhance the flavour.

3. Sansotei

Where to go: 650 Yonge St., 179 Dundas St. W., or 115 Fort York Blvd.


Sansotei makes their pork bone broth daily, which means you can always expect a fresh and flavourful bowl of ramen each and every time you go. They offer staple ramen bowls, but if you’re looking for something adventurous you have to try their Tomato soup. This ramen bowl is, of course, tomato based, and comes with chashu (pork belly), hokkaido scallops, egg, and shiitake mushrooms.

Where To Eat The Best Ramen In Toronto

4. Kinton Ramen

Where to go: 51 Baldwin St., 668 Bloor St. W., 402 Queen St. W., 396 Church St., 90 Eglinton Ave. E.or 2216 Bloor St. W.

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Kinton Ramen is a tried and true ramen restaurant in Toronto, which is likely why there are so many locations! What’s great about this particular ramen spot is its create your own feel to its menu. You have the ability to choose from either pork or chicken bone broths for your soup, and the thickness to your noodle. There is also a vegetarian option too. Keep your eyes peeled for their Mega Ramen Challenges if you think you have what it takes to devour a monstrous bowl of noodles for prizes.

5. Ryus Noodles Bar

Where to go: 786 Broadview Ave.


Ryus Noodle Bar is the only Toronto ramen restaurant that has a food stall set up at a ramen museum in Yokohoma, Japan. How cool is that? If that’s not an indicator of how good this ramen restaurant is, then feel free to go check it out yourself. We recommend trying Ryus Rich Shio with a seasoned egg, or their Pork Blaster bowl that comes with eight slices of chashu pork (plus you get to choose what broth you’d like!)

Where To Eat The Best Ramen In Toronto

Which ramen spot are you excited to try first? What will you order? Comment below!

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