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Where Are Dispensaries? Everywhere To Know In Time For 420

Where are dispensaries? In Canada, cannabis was just recently legalized, which means, you can now buy marijuana legally! While the black market still exists for weed, what is now being federally produced is perfect for all to enjoy (if you’re of age that is!). This list is made to help you – just in time for 420! Take a look at these reliable and safe dispensaries throughout Vancouver. Even though Vancouver has often bee regarded as a ‘stoner city’, many Vancouverites have never smoked weed, or haven’t for a long time. These spots will make it east to navigate how to buy your marijuana at dispensaries right before 420 season. Here you can find many goodies, such as CBD or THC oil, edibles, and pre-rolled joints, for those of use a little less experienced with smoking and for those of us who are!

1. Village Bloomery

Widely regarded as one of the best dispensaries in the city, Village Bloomery is conveniently located on Granville Island – probably one of the best places in Vancouver to get high (Public Market trip, alone?), especially right along the water. With a helpful, happy and extremely knowledgeable staff, the Village Bloomery is a lovely shop to visit. This dispensary’s selection of well curated cannabis is easy to navigate thanks to them! Make sure to try some of their flowers, it’s not called a ‘bloomery’ for nothing! A nice little touch about this dispensary is that they also have a pre-rolling area, if joint rolling is not one of your strong suits! As for edibles, the dispensary has a honey, tea and olive oil-like products to incorporate cannabis smoothly into your life!

2. Wealth

Vancouver’s Wealthshop Social Society is a small little store in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver. It was one of Canada’s first licensed cannabis dispensaries, and are they ever proud of it! With all sorts of vapes, grinders and other weed accessories, Wealth can help you in just about any field of marijuana smoking you need. The decor of the shop, including a moss covered wall, and many decorations featuring recycled wood, is very Vancouver, and very green-friendly! Wealth will help you with anything you need, with a large assortment of marijuana and pre-rolled joints!

3. Lotus Land

This dispensary has multiple locations all around Vancouver, one of the reasons these dispensaries are one of the best! As a chain, you can be assured that Lotus Land has some of the best selection of marijuana and marijuana products. With high grade medicinal marijuana, at their dispensaries, you have the option of purchasing marijuana flowers, concentrates (including THC and CBD oil), edibles, and much much more! You must become a member of Lotus Land to be able to buy there, but there membership is totally free. Additionally, if you are having any sort of medical problems, Lotus Land’s marijuana will definitely be able to help you! For a place you can trust, with plenty of information, try Lotus Land dispensaries!

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4. Eden

Another of Vancouver’s most well regarded dispensaries, Eden also has multiple locations. With a variety of marijuana (over 45 strains!), and a number of concentrate products, Eden will definitely have what you are looking for! Their dispensaries also carry an iced THC drink, one of the most fun marijuana products out there to try! For medical patients, they also boast a good selection of tinctures and topical products. Whatever you are looking for this 420, Eden dispensaries have got it!

Have you been to any of these dispensaries? Which of these is your favourite, or what other dispensaries do you recommend? Tell us in the comments below!

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