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What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

To call an individual that constantly drinks wine “classy” or “sophisticated” may be cliche. ¬†Some wine experts state that merely judging someone based on this activity is insufficient because the type of wine they are drinking could actually reveal more about them. Based on the taste, the calorie content, or even where the drink is traditionally consumed, wine has the potential to further decipher an individual’s personality, and not only just by getting them intoxicated! To justify this, we have a compiled a list of some of the most famous wine varieties and what each type tells about one’s traits.

1. Chardonnay

Because of the accessibility and popularity of the wine, they say that those who enjoy Chardonnay are typically hard workers (who need a break). They are for people who prefer just riding through life, settling in their comfort zones, and not caring about what others think of them.

2. Pinot Grigio

This type of white wine is low in calories therefore they say those who drink it tend to be conscious or insecure of themselves. With its classy appearance, those who adore this drink erase their insecurities by trying to fit in and mix with those around them.


What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

3. Sauvignon Blanc

Wilder and racy than Chardonnay, they say those who indulge on this type of wine are at the peak of their endeavours. They are people who are into the extremes and pushes their limit to reach goals. Females who are into sauvignon blanc are often sophisticated, thick skinned, and independent.

4. Zinfandel

Due to the high alcohol content, zinfandels are for those who want instant results with minimal effort. They are often adventurous and like to have a good time. This type of drink is perfect for those who want to free themselves and let go of things they have no control over.


5. Moscato

Sweet and affordable, moscato lovers are often playful and attractive. They say that those who enjoy this type of wine are young but highly intrigued by the adult life. They like to savour their wine thinking they are hard core alcoholics.

What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

6. Champagne

Nothing exudes more bougie than the classic champagne. Often associated with the upper class, this type of wine drink are for those who love to party and just want pure fun. They may have money to splurge but they are also generous enough to donate to those who are in need.


7. Cabernet Sauvignon

This type of wine defines the “cool” individual. They are smooth and intelligent but also are down to earth and genuine. Those who cherish cabernet sauvignon are people you want to hang out with as you may learn significantly from them.

8. Merlot

An easy “go-to” red wine as most people would say. Individuals who drink merlot are versatile and mesh well in big groups. They are always on the go and down for anything. Like cabernet sauvignon drinkers, they are also genuine.

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What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

9. Malbec

Malbec lovers are extremely smart, ambitious, and have a keen eye for detail. They are into the arts hence they have the tendency to be deep and soulful. A conversation with a malbec drinker is substantial and involves solid insights and profound viewpoints.

10. Pinot Noir

The champagne version of the reds? Individuals who drink pinot noir are the alphas. They are cool, charismatic, and sophisticated. During their mission to seek pleasure, they attract people like no other.


11. Rose

Those who love rose are special. They don’t settle with any of the sides of the spectrum but rather they prefer to be unconventional and like to explore different things.

What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

Which type of wine defines you the best? Tell us in the comment section below!

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