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What To Do When You’re Broke AF at Ryerson

What To Do When You’re Broke AF at Ryerson

It's hard being a 20 something in a city like Toronto without going broke, but here are five things you can do when you're broke AF at Ryerson University.

It’s hard being a twenty-something in a city like Toronto and not breaking the bank, but here are five things you can do when you’re broke AF at Ryerson University.

1. Walk around Eaton Centre

You technically don’t need to pay for anything when you’re just window shopping. I love walking around the mall and looking at what I can buy when I get my next pay check. Luckily there are times during each month when there are sales everywhere, so buying something when it’s not full-price just feels better.

2. Go be a tourist

When I have long breaks between classes, walking around the city is pretty normal. Being in the heart of Toronto makes it easy for anyone to become a tourist the second they walk onto a street they’ve never been to before. Going to Harbour Front or the Toronto sign are completely free (unless you count the physical activity it takes to walk there).



3. Watch a movie

On Tuesdays, there are two movie theatres in the area that have movie tickets for cheap. At the Cineplex at Y&D, the tickets are half off, which is great when you want to watch the new movie you’ve been dying to watch but are broke. Then, near the MAC, there is a movie theatre that has $5 tickets. They play new movies, but not the ones that came out last week – still great showings though.

4. Go to the museum

At the ROM and AGO, students are able to enter for free!!! On Tuesdays, the ROM allows in post-secondary students (just bring your student ID just in case). Then, at the AGO, from 6 – 9, everyone is able to enter for free. It may sound boring, but you can go out and stay away from the high museum prices. Also, check online to see if any of your favourite museums have free nights!!

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5. Go Eat!!!!

Around Ryerson there are so many places to eat because we are right on Yonge St. You can go get some $5 sushi meal deal, some great shawarma, or bubble tea while walking around the campus’ surroundings. When you are super broke, nothing feels better than having a great meal while spending less than $10.

Do you have any other ideas for what to do when you’re broke AF at Ryerson University? Let us know in the comments below!
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