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What To Do Around The University Of Guelph When You’re Broke AF

What To Do Around The University Of Guelph When You’re Broke AF

University life is great, the University of Guelph is amazing, but your financial standings…not so much. With the amount that university costs it’s no secret that we all struggle for money which means we struggle to find things to do that are fun. But have no fear, there are still some things you can do when your bank balance may still be crying from tuition. Keep reading for 10 things to do around the University of Guelph when you’re broke AF!

1. Picnic at Johnston Green.

Maybe the most eye-catching part of the University of Guelph is the luscious Johnston Green. Why not take some food and a cozy blanket and have a picnic there (bonus if you bring the food from home)! It’s a beautiful place to relax and take a breather from the stress of midterms and assignments. Don’t like picnics? Go at nighttime and stargaze! Just don’t forget to bring blankets and hot drinks!


2. Go to an open mic night at The Bullring.

Guelph’s very own Central Perk! The Bullring has one of the most amazing atmospheres found on campus and also has some great food too. Grab a coffee or even some food (for very good prices that won’t make you cry!) and get some of your school work done. They even do open mic nights every month so go on out and support your fellow Gryphons!



3. Attend Sunday Night Cinema.

Every Sunday CSA puts on a Sunday Night Cinema full of recent good movies. For only $3, you and your friends can enjoy a good movie and popcorn and amp your spirits up for your (most likely) busy week to come! Why not enjoy some of your favourite movies for a price that is a lot cheaper than actually going to the cinema or even owning a Netflix account?


4. Paint the cannon!

You can’t be a student at the University of Guelph if you haven’t painted the cannon! Why not do this as a fun activity with your friends one night and leave your mark on the school? Can’t afford the paint and the tent? Make spotting every single different paint job on the cannon a fun game with your friend. Even better – make it a race and whoever spots the most paint changes first wins and gets a free lunch!

You ave to paint the University of Guelph cannon!

5. Take pictures at the Arboretum!

Take a walk around UofG’s pride of joy, the Arboretum! The various trails around the built in nature reserve allows you to experience all the beauty that we have to offer at Guelph. It’s a great place to take a breather from uni and relax, plus it’s amazing for some killer Instagram pictures. Try and spot some of the animals that are found there too!


6. Check out the fresh produce at Guelph Farmers Market!

The Guelph Farmers Market is something of beauty on a Saturday morning. Yes, it may be early but it is always worth it to see the wonderful stalls. Also who says you have to buy anything? You can just enjoy the atmosphere and the town that you now call home. Walking around and seeing what people are selling is enough of an activity to get you ready for the weekend (plus there will be plenty of dogs there which makes anything 10x better)!



7. Take the bus to Woodlawn Bowl.

One of the perks of being an undergraduate student at Guelph is that you have a free bus pass for all of Guelph Transit! So it’d be dumb to not use it and explore the great city you have become a part of. Why not use it to go to Woodlawn Bowl for an extremely cheap game of bowling?! Challenge your friends to a game and forget about all of your university worries.

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8. Relax at Guelph Lake.

Maybe you decided that you want to explore some more of the natural beauty in Guelph, so what better way than to go to beautiful Guelph Lake. Not only is it good for Pokémon hunting, but Guelph Lake has a beach, walking trails, and a park to offer. For a low maintenance and fun activity why not take a picnic and watch the sun set over the lake!


9. Check out an art show at the Red Brick Café.

Studying may be boring and tiresome but even a trendy café with good food can make it better. Red Brick Café is one of the most popular cafés found in Guelph and with reasonable prices it’s a good place to go where you won’t spend too much money (don’t forget your bus pass!) and get all your studying done. They also have art shows and performers that come in, so keep your ears open for those exciting events to make your evenings more interesting.


10. Walk the nature trails at Royal City Park.

Royal City Park is only a 13 minute bus ride (bus pass!!) from campus and is another wonderful part of nature in Guelph! Walk one of the many trails there and enjoy what the weather and nature have to offer. Plus it’s a super affordable and cute date if you’re looking for somewhere to go!


What are your favorite things to do around The University of Guelph when you’re broke AF? Comment below and share the article!
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