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What To Do Around McGill University When You’re Broke AF

What To Do Around McGill University When You’re Broke AF

It can be pretty easy to run low on cash sometimes. Here are some things to do around McGill University when you're broke but still need something to do.
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Let’s be honest, budgeting is hard. Living in Montreal certainly isn’t as expensive as living in other metropolitan cities, but we have rent to pay and groceries to buy. It can be pretty easy to run low on cash sometimes. Here is what to do around McGill University when it’s still mid-month and you’ve already spent too much money on late night Chef-on-Call deliveries and drinks at Milton B.

1. Midnight Kitchen

Price: Free
Midnight Kitchen at the SSMU offers daily free vegetarian and vegan lunches at 12:30. You might wanna try and get there earlier though because there’s always a line. Don’t forget your own Tupperware! It’s totally free, but donations are suggested.

2. Rabbit Hole Cafe

Price: $3 (only open on Fridays)
Much like Midnight Kitchen, the Rabbit Hole Cafe on Aylmer offers free healthy meals from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Go check it out!

3. Free Museum Days

Price: Free
Montreal is full of museums! We have one right on campus, Redpath! It’s free but donations are suggested. Check out Musee McCord, where permanent exhibitions are free on Wednesday nights.

 4. Samosas

Price: $1 for 1, 2 for $3
Samosas = Staple food for McGill students
There’s always at least one sale going on, just be sure to follow the McGill Samosa Sale Facebook page to find them!

5. Walk up Mt. Royal

Price: Free
Walk or run up the mountain! You’ll definitely get a work out either way, plus a nice view, so why not?

6. Take the stress off with hot yoga

Price: Enso: $15 (community classes)
Price: Moksha: $5 (community classes)
We’re in Montreal where it’s pretty much winter 80% of the time. Trying to relax and save money on heat? Go to hot yoga! If you’re looking what to do around McGill University and want something closer, try Enso yoga’s community classes, where its $15. If you live in the plateau or don’t mind trekking just a little bit further, go to Moksha for $5 community classes! Just be sure to check the websites for the schedule.

7. Grab drinks and food with friends at Le Warehouse.

Price: $5 meals
$5 per meal, need I say more? If you don’t know what to do around McGill University but you’re hungry and poor, this is the option for you.

8. Sweat it off with McGill’s Pay-Go Fitness

Price: $5
Wanna join the gym but don’t want to commit to paying $30 a month? Try taking classes at the McGill University gym with Pay-Go fitness. It’s only $5 a class and you have a range of classes from Zumba, Spin, and Power Yoga! It’s totally commitment free!
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