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What Not To Wear On A First Date

What Not To Wear On A First Date

Your first date is going to leave a lasting impression, so you need to know what to avoid. We have tips on what not to wear on a first date!

You’ve done it. You’ve successfully managed to get a date with the guy you’ve been eyeing forever. The only problem is your university style, that consists of sweatpants and oversized t-shirts, just isn’t going to cut it for a date with this guy. Sure, he’s seen you on multiple occasions looking like you haven’t left the deep dark confines of your room since the snow came, but it’s time to step up your game. The perfect outfit will be the key to success on that heart pounding and nerve wracking first date. So, if you take it from me, here what you should NOT wear on a first date.

1. It’s time to let go of the sweatpants

We all have that one special outfit that make us feel comfortable, but is also cute enough to be seen in. However, the chances he’s seen you in that outfit at least once is probably pretty likely considering it’s your go-to. In other words, stay AWAY from those typical pieces and go for something you always complain about not having an occasion for.

2. He wants to see the real you

Take it easy on the makeup. Sure, you want him to see how glam you are, but he’s looking to date you not Carli Bybel. Let him have a clear view of your pretty face because if things go well you don’t want him to be surprised when he’s sees you without all of your makeup on.


3. Taller isn’t always better

Think height might be an issue? Take the practical route and set the stilettos aside for another day. Flats and typical riding boots will be your friend, especially if you have any sort of walking to do (checking out Parliament after dinner is very romantic).

4. Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend

Having some attachment issues to the Tiffany necklace or ring your ex got you? It’s time to take it off honey. Although he probably won’t pay any mind to your expensive jewelry there’s a good chance you might start over thinking it. Wear something more generic that he can complement you on without you feeling like you own him an explanation.

5. Shake it off

Lastly, a smile is obviously the best accessory you can wear, but don’t let your nerves overshadow your sparkling personality. A date is a date and remember that regardless of what you’re wearing he asked you out for reason. Not all dates result in second ones, but it’s good to put yourself out there. Take a deep breath, shake off your nerves, and show him how amazing you really are!

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Do you have any other tips of what not to wear on a first date? Share in the comments below!

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