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7 Ways to Unconventionally Ask Someone On A Date

7 Ways to Unconventionally Ask Someone On A Date

To ask someone on a date can be daunting. Here are seven unconventional ways to ask someone on a date that are guaranteed to work!

Asking someone to go on a date is undeniably nerve-wracking, especially if it’s someone you barely know. This is why it’s crucial to substantially get to know someone first before crossing that line in their zone of comfort. Though if you are at that point where you feel that you know them well and the time is right, simply asking them to go out with you may not be enough. In other words, if this is someone really special to you, you may have to go towards the unconventional route of asking them out if you want to make a good impression. Here are seven unique and cute ways of asking someone on a date that will potentially make them say the “yes” that you have been longing for.

1. Write a letter

Are you the old-school type? Well, there’s nothing more old-school than writing a letter to that special someone. It’s personal and it is easier to express your desired words on paper than in person. If you are extra ambitious, you can even throw in a heartfelt poem. Just make sure it’s not cringe worthy.

2. Set up a treasure hunt

If you want to exert a little bit more effort, maybe this idea will suffice. Girls love cute games and setting up a mini treasure hunt will surely excite them. Set up riddles and clues at spots where she usually hangs out and the last destination of the mini escapade is where your ultimate question should be waiting.


3. Sing to her

If you want to ask someone on a date and you have the ability to sing then wooing her with music is your best bet. In some countries, singing to your loved one is a highly romantic move that allows an individual to express his feelings in the best way possible. It is being personal at its maximum as some singers would claim. To pull this off successfully, make sure you are picking the right song and choosing the appropriate time and place.

4. Give her the message in a balloon

Want a cute and easy way to ask someone on a date? Go for the classic message in a balloon trick. Simply write down a sweet message as well as the ultimate question on a piece of paper and put it in the balloon! For location ideas, consider her locker, car, or even her door at home.

5. Cook or bake something

Girls love guys who can cook because, like they say, a way to woman’s heart is her stomach. If cooking or baking is your forte then you’re in luck! The best way to pull this off is by embedding the message either in a casserole dish or even a layered cake. Also, make sure that the dish is a specialty of yours. The more creative and scrumptious, the better!

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6. Pick a special day – like her birthday

If timing is one of your concerns then maybe you should ask your special someone on her birthday. There will be nothing but good vibes and moods therefore the chance of her saying yes to your question might be a tad higher. Just make sure you have prepared a lovely present for her as well!

7. Ask the question on a bookmark

This is an ideal trick to pull of at school! When you get the opportunity, slip in a book with your message into one of their most used school publications or novel! If you want it to be more meaningful, you can even create your own bookmark!


What other unique ways of asking a girl out can you think of? Tell us your ideas below!

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