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5 Ways To Stay Fit At Ryerson University

5 Ways To Stay Fit At Ryerson University


Did you make some new year’s resolutions this year? Was “getting fit and active” at the top of your list? Are you looking for new ways to stay fit at Ryerson University? Are you struggling to balance working out and going to school? Well, here’s how you can break a sweat and easily achieve your fitness goals on Ryerson’s campus.

1. Walk, don’t subway.

Ryerson University has a reputation for being a commuter school. “About one in every five of our students takes the GO Train to and from school,” said Raktim Mitra, an urban planning assistant professor at Ryerson in a Ryerson Today article. Every commuter who rides the GO train or bus knows that Union Station is their final stop. From there, it’s up to the individual commuter to decide how they’ll get to the Ryerson campus at Yonge and Dundas. Instead of taking the subway, why not walk? In the summer, it’s beautiful walking up Bloor and Yonge streets, but in the bitter cold of winter you don’t need to suffer outside or go back to sitting on the subway — just take the PATH. The PATH is a well-used, indoor underground system that cuts through office buildings and the Eaton Centre so you can walk from Union Station to Dundas Street in comfort. The whole trek only takes about 15-20 minutes, so that’s 15-20 more minutes of cardio added to your day. After a while, you won’t even notice, making it one of the easiest ways to stay fit at Ryerson University.

2. Take the stairs!

You must be tired of hearing this phrase over and over again, but the reason it stays so relevant is because it’s true. Taking the stairs really can change your fitness levels and increase your body’s endurance. According to an article published on the Harvard University Health Publications site, even if you walk at a slow pace, “You’ll burn calories two to three times faster climbing stairs than walking briskly on the level.” Climbing stairs is an aerobic activity, so the next time you visit the SLC or the Victoria Building, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator — your heart and legs will thank you!


3. Get lost and explore downtown.

If you’ve ever felt disoriented on campus, you’re not alone. Most students complain about constantly getting lost in Kerr Hall, because all the hallways look the same. Sometimes it seems like the whole Ryerson campus is a huge maze that you’ll never escape — but that’s not a bad thing. Every minute you spend walking down endless hallways and running to and fro trying to find your classroom is another minute you burn calories. You should also take advantage of Ryerson’s sweet location in the middle of downtown Toronto and go out and explore. Almost everything is within walking distance, so what are you waiting for? Discover your city while working those calves!

4. Check out the RAC and MAC.

You can’t escape actual exercise forever, even though it may be one of your least favorite ways to stay fit at Ryerson University. It’s the most effective. If you want to step up your fitness routine, check out the two gyms on campus: the Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC) and the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC). They are fully equipped with cardio machines,  free weights, basketball courts, a running track, and more. If gyms aren’t your thing, try swimming laps in the pool, or join a Zumba class at one of their dance studios. The Ryerson gyms are your oyster. You can find their hours of operation and location here.

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5. Drink a lot, and drink often.

Sorry if you thought that title meant any other beverage than water. Drinking water is essential to basic survival, but did you know it also has health and fitness benefits? Not only do you need to be drinking enough water to replenish the regular fluids humans lose everyday, you also should drink water to maintain muscle strength and growth. Without enough hydration, your muscles can face fatigue, which may result in poor performance. In addition, water is the best zero-calorie substitute for sugary drinks, and combined with food, will help you feel full. Start bringing a reusable bottle with you to school, and fill it up multiple times a day at one of the numerous water bottle refill stations all over campus.

Your 2017 goal to become more fit and active is possible and within reach if you just follow some (if not all) of these steps and do them on a regular basis. Implementing a bit of walking and stair climbing can have a huge impact; commit to these small changes, and you will see your health and overall fitness improve. There are no excuses. Good luck this year, Rams!

What are your favorite ways to stay fit at Ryerson University? Comment below!
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