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19 Ways To Rock UofT Clothing

19 Ways To Rock UofT Clothing

There are so many cute and fun ways university of Toronto students can wear their school swag. These are some ways to rock UofT clothing this spring!

On March 15, 2017, the University of Toronto turned 190 years old! As a tribute to the hardworking students and members of the UofT community, here are 19 ways you can rock your UofT clothing this spring. From shirts to hats, this is your one-stop UofT Clothing Spring Lookbook.

Photographed by: Jonathan Hazelwood unless otherwise sourced.

The Basics: a pair of skinny jeans.

The first three outfits incorporate your UofT clothing with a good pair of skinny jeans. Whether they are blue, black, white or ripped, skinny jeans are a must for Toronto’s constantly changing weather. You never know when that April shower will appear. Skinny jeans are perfect for keeping out the April showers. UofT t-shirts are great because they can dress up any outfit. If you’re seeing a nice warm day, rock the shirt without a jacket, and with a hat. The hat is perfect for shielding you from the heat. On those sunny, yet cool Spring days, don’t be fooled and grab a jacket to go, always. Doesn’t matter if it’s a leather jacket or an oversized jean jacket- pair it up with your Uoft t-shirt. If you want something warmer for those cold rainy days, your UofT sweater is perfect for keeping you warm!


1. Jeans & UofT T-Shirt

2. Jeans & UofT Hat

3. Jeans & UofT Sweater

Bring Back the 90’s.

A popular trend this Spring is definitely bringing back the 90’s style. I’m talking corsets, skorts, tees under blazers, Jordans, Timberlands, cargo pants, overalls, suspenders, bucket hats, wind breakers and track jackets. This Spring, you will want to rock a UofT clothing with any of these listed 90’s trends.

4. Bell Bottom Jeans & UofT Sweater

5. UofT Sweater/T-shirt & Corset

And as for the corset, you can wear it with a UofT sweater or a t-shirt.


6. UofT T-shirt With A Blazer

If it’s a fancy night and you want to dress up, think of wearing your UofT t-shirt with a blazer.


7. UofT T-shirt With Overalls

8. Cargo Pants, UofT T-shirt & Jean Jacket

Spring cleaning? Why not wear your cargo pants and UofT shirt paired with an oversized jean jacket? Perfect for any casual situation.


9. UofT T-shirt & Track Jacket

10. Skort With Your UofT Shirt

11. Cargo Pants & UofT Sweater & Timberlands


12. UofT T-shirt Under A Slip Dress

If it’s a girl’s night out, you can either pair your UofT shirt with a skort, overalls or a slip dress.
Whether it’s a sunny day or not, feel free to add your bucket hat. (UofT needs to upgrade from baseball caps to bucket hats.)

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The beauty of these trends is the fact that you easily switch up the style by adding or removing a piece of clothing. For example, if you want to interchange your casual outfit to a business outfit, simply add or remove an overcoat.

Comfy AF.

The beginning of Spring brings with it exams for us post-secondary students. Personally, it means it’s time for me to put more time into studying deciding what to wear. Here are some simple ways to rock UofT clothing during your Spring exams.

13. Uoft Joggers & Sweater & Oversized Coat


14. Boyfriend Jeans & UofT Sweater & Duster Coat

15. UofT Athletic Shorts & Sport Lab Leggings & UofT Sweater


16. Dress & UofT Sweater

17. Leggings & UofT Sweater

Sunny Dayz are on their way.

After exams, who wouldn’t want to go out to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet and celebrate the beginning of your freedom? I know I would! Here are some loose outfit inspirations for going out for your all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. Enjoy!


18. UofT T-shirt & Bomber Jacket

19. Skirt & UofT Shirt


Do you have any other ideas for how to rock your UofT clothing this Spring? Share them in the comments below!
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