10 Ways To Glow Up Before A Date

10 Ways To Glow Up Before A Date

The glow up is an art that every female should master. What I mean is that learning how to go from a generic 5 to a passable 8 in an hour is a miracle. These are my tips for maximum efficiency and gorgeousness.

1. Shower

This one is the most basic but most important. Start your day of new with a shower. Grab somebody scrub and yummy smelling shampoo.  Feeling clean is a great key to having confidence.

If you feel gross then you will end up just wanting to stay home. Put on some music to psych you up and turn on the hot water.


2. Face Mask

Once you step out of the shower if you are like me then you feel like a dry prune. This is not ideal considering having moisturized skin is a key component to any makeup routine.

I recommend the Boscia Sake Brightening Mask for the ultimate skin glow up.

3. Matching Underwear

For some reason this small thing always makes me feel like I have my shit together. Matching your underwear is a tedious none essential task but it really will make you feel like your living your best life.


It is more a confidence booster than a must. It is a small part that makes the glow up that much more invigorating.

10 Ways To Glow Up Before A Date

4. Soft Highlight

Highlighter to me is like icing on the cake. it makes your cheekbones pop. I like to get a cooler highlighter for the winter and pop that on my cheekbones, nose and top lip.


It draws attention to the features of your face.  Really adds to the glow up.

5. Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick is better than regular lipstick. It is an absolute fact. Quite a few brands made liquid lipsticks in a bunch of different colors.

If I am trying to make a statement I go with a blue red. A soft nude is also a safe bet as you don’t have to worry about it being a noticeable mess.


10 Ways To Glow Up Before A Date

6. Favorite Perfume

This is a scent that makes you feel safe and confident. It makes you feel like you can do anything. A simple smelling body spray also works. Something fruity or flowery. Whatever screams you.

7. Fun Outfit

This can be something new that you wanted to try. If it is a new relationship or even an old one branching out and trying trends that you didn’t think you would like is a great start.


Maybe something with movement like fringe or a midcalf skirt. Whatever is you the point is being you. But branching out of your comfort zone isn’t really a bad idea.

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10 Ways To Glow Up Before A Date


8. Messy Hair

Messy hair is not bed head. Just don’t be rocking a complete rats nest but make it look casual. Even if you took 4 hours to do your hair it shouldn’t look like that. Think Serena Vanderwoodsen chic. Flowy and simple. Something that gives you a breezy mysterious appeal.

10 Ways To Glow Up Before A Date

9. Comfortable Shoes

Never ever underestimate comfortable shoes. They are ideal for every situation even the coveted prom. Having shoes that won’t make you miserable will boost your mood.


Looking great but feeling like crap is never ideal. Some good options are basic black or brown boots. It is the weather for boots and they are easy to walk in. And if your date happens to be outside then even better. Then you never have to worry about being underdressed.

10. Clean Nails

A good manicure is really underrated. Having a strong and clean manicure is a very Kardashian detail that is important.

Having fresh cut nails is only seen as a luxury when like me you bite them It really takes away some femininity and is an extra cost. Acrylics can be very expensive. But the glow up is real.

Glowing up before a date can be time-consuming and challenging. Comment your ways down below!
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