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10 Ways To Eat Clean At McDonalds

10 Ways To Eat Clean At McDonalds

10 Ways To Eat Clean At McDonalds

McDonald’s is not exactly known for their healthy options. We have all been there, stop in for lunch and you just don’t want to feel gross. These are easy ways to eat clean at Mcdonalds.

1.  Grilled Chicken

Instead of the breaded chicken swap for grilled chicken. This applies to almost everything on the menu. Getting a salad, grilled chicken. Getting a sandwich, grilled chicken.

In short even at home grilled chicken is a great anchoring point to your healthy meat. Cut out the breading.


2. Salad

Saladas are step one for eating better. Not a lot of carbs and a lot of greens. Don’t use that much dressing and gravitate to a salad that is primarily vegetables. Instead of the Caesar dressing swap for the balsamic dressing.

3. Happy Meal

It may be silly to be an adult and get a happy meal but we all love them.

The portions are smaller and the side options provide a more well-rounded meal. Sides like carrot sticks, yogurt, and apple slices. Instead of apple juice grab water.


4. No Soda

There is about 10.6 grams of sugar per 100 ml of coke. Coke is one of the most popular sodas.  The problem with coke besides all the artificial chemicals is the sugar.

Soda, in general, is just mostly sugar and that should be avoided.

5. Small sizes

As per the happy meal rule, smaller sizes are better. Instead of a large fries and a large coke try a medium coke and a small fry.


You don’t have to cut down completely but as a general rule, it is better to just eat less at Mcdonalds.

6. Snack Wrap

The caesar snack wrap with grilled chicken is mainly lettuce, chicken, bacon bits and dressing. If you cut down on the dressing and don’t overdo it on the sauce, it’s a better option than a burger. Wraps are better alternatives and are still super delicious. It is easy to eat and a great on the go food.

7. Cut down on Sauce

Everybody likes sauce. It adds flavor and a different element to your meal. Either go for no sauce or a better sauce like barbeque sauce instead of a creamy sauce. The creamy sauce is something that a lot of people don’t take into account like carrots and ranch. You have to include that there was ranch.

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8. Water

Water is the key to life. We need it to survive and its the best thing for you. Instead of grabbing a soda or a fruit juice just have some water.

It will dramatically decrease the calorie intake as soda is all sugar and sugar is the main problem.


9. Yogurt Option

Instead of diving for a breakfast sandwich filled with cheese and fake meat try the yogurt option.

A parfait cup may not be as filling or soak up the beer from last night but it is better for you. Although that yogurt contains a lot of sugar one may argue that it is less artificial.

10. Consider the Calories

At basically every McDonalds under each item, there is a calorie counter. If you really want to strive to eat better at this fast food metropolis count your calories.


Keeping track is the best way to know exactly what you are eating as knowing what is going into your body should be your first rule.

Mcdonalds is a haven of burgers and fries but it doesn’t have to be limited to just junk food. These tips are a great way to make McDonald’s food healthier.

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