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15 Ways To Be Healthy In College

15 Ways To Be Healthy In College

The ways to be healthy in college aren't impossible. Here are the best ways to be healthy in college. These college health tips will carry you over throughout life and keep you grounded.

Just a university student trying to healthy and not break the bank. Keep reading if you want to know some tips on how not to gain the freshmen 15 and just be an overall healthy university student. We all have hopes to stay healthy in university. The big reason we fail is that we don’t take advantage of the opportunities within the campus or town Here’s 15 ways to be healthy in college.

Stay Hydrated throughout the day

One of my biggest tips is to stay hydrated. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water. Drink water! Drink as much water as you can! Water can help you and your body in so many ways such as detoxing out chemicals, waste and keeping your body hydrated. when your body is fully hydrated, you’ll feel alert, less hungry and you’ll experience soft skin, luscious locks and picture-perfect skin on your face!


Take advantage of the free fruit your dining gall has to offer

by taking advantage of the fruit your dinking hall has, it’s an easy snack to take on the go with you. Eating fruit will also help crave your sweet tooth that you may get while studying. Therefore, this will help reduce the amount of junk food you consume.

Go to the Gym

Going to the gym is great for stress relief. Also allows your body release healthy endorphins. Going to the gym will also help you sleep better at night and helps your overall mental state of mind. Acadia University offers a great facility open to everyone.

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Take breaks while studying

Taking breaks while studying can ensure your brain has a break. These breaks could be going for a quick walk, having a snack, watching a 15-minute youtube video or doing something you enjoy.

Don’t worry about what your peers are doing/eating

Remember your body and goals are going to be completely different from what your peers are doing. Comparing yourself to others can really ruin your self-esteem.

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Remember to take time for yourself

We as university students often get caught up in trying to keep up with class, social life homework, work and forget about our self. These are all things that can consume your life that is part of the university which makes it easy to forget about what you like to do during your free time even though that’s few and far between. Remember to have at least 1 hour to yourself every day as much as possible. This will help reduce stress.

Have a big breakfast

Eating a big breakfast can help boost start your metabolism for the day which in return helps keep extra weight off. Aids in keep you full longer.

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Take the stairs whenever possible

Taking the stairs is a way to keep your body moving and without all the effort it takes to go to the gym. In a way taking the stairs is being physically active without even having to convince yourself.

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Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep will allow you to focus better in class. Try to avoid all-nighters right before an exam or midterm because it will impair your ability to do your best no matter how much you studied. You don’t want to end up like this guy and fall asleep while studying doing assignments.


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Choose healthier options at the dining hall

Go for foods that are colorful, less refined and less oily.


Try out a new fitness class

We’re all so nervous to try out new things. It’s 2018 a time to let yourself loose and say yes to new opportunities. An example of a couple fitness classes is Spin, Zumba or an aquafit class. This is a given when it comes to ways to be healthy in college.

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Find a new gym buddy

Finding a new gym buddy can help keep you accountable for your fitness journey. Having a gym buddy can help push your limits while working out and take you further than you ever thought you could. With having a new gym buddy its someone that’s relying on you to show up to the gym so you have no choice but to go which will help you crush your goals.


Take advantage of the local farmers market

taking advantage of your local farmer market will give you the opportunity to pick up some healthy treats. Not just treats colorful fruits, vegetables, and grass-fed protein, while doing this you’ll be supporting local. While visiting your local farmers market you’ll be physically active and not even realize because you’re walking around meeting new people.

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Creating a routine

Having a good routine and schedule will help keep you accountable regarding fitness, social life, work, homework and diminish stress.


Keep a healthy snack with you at all time.

Having a healthy snack on you at all times with help you from purchasing junk food during the day. As well keep you from snacking more than needed. These tips are the best ways to be healthy in college

Let us know what you think about these ways to be healthy in college in the comments below!
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