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10 Vacations To Go To When You Need A Break From Life

10 Vacations To Go To When You Need A Break From Life

Looking for a vacation break? It’s almost springtime, which means the weather is still cold and grey. For many, spring break or easter holidays are coming up (this list is handy for those vacays too!), but for others, they really just need a break from life! These ideas for places, some more exotic, others a little bit more relaxed, will give you the calming break that you need. Sometimes, you just need a bit of an escape, and these places will take you there!

1. A Staycation

Sometimes, all you need is to take a break from your regular life. A staycation is the perfect way to do just that! Rent a room for a night in a hotel, and spend the day using the spa, going to the pool, ordering room service, and relaxing in new, clean environment. You could also go visit parts of your hometown that you’ve never been to before, and play tourist for a day! Top it all off with a dinner t a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, and maybe even a movie or a performance. Maybe you just need to treat yourself!


2. Calming Mountain Retreat

Getting back into nature is just the way to give yourself a mental break. Why not head up into the mountains? At any time of the year mountains are beautiful, and there are activities to do no matter the season! Take hikes, go swimming, stay in a cozy mountain hide away, sip hot drinks and look at the stars! With mountains, you can decide to stay in your own backyard, or head out somewhere off your eaten track.

3. Hotspring Heaven

Another way of getting back into nature, hot springs are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a break from your crazy busy life! Spend your days soaking in the hot spring, relaxing outside, and getting all the rest you need. You can do as much or as little as you want, just make sure you get your soak on!

10 Vacations To Go To When You Need A Break From Life


4. The South of France

Head down to the south of France for a perfectly relaxing and beautiful get away. In towns such as Nice, St. Tropez, Montpellier or Menton, there isn’t much to do other than walk around, eat French food, and take in the sun. If it’s late springtime, you could even head into Provence to see lavender fields in full bloom – a very tranquil sight!

10 Vacations To Go To When You Need A Break From Life


5. The Cinque Terre

Located on the Ligurian Sea in Italy, the Cinque Terre, meaning five lands, is a small chain of five little towns connected by train. Perched on cliffs right on the coast, these towns don’t have much to do other than hike, swim, tan and eat! Stay in one of the five (Riomaggiore or Monterosso al Mare) and travel each day to visit what each town has to offer. Eat pesto, focaccia and anything lemon, and take an afternoon to Byron’s Grotto, where the famous poet, Lord Byron, used to go for a swim!

10 Vacations To Go To When You Need A Break From Life

6. New Orleans

This spot is definitely for you if you’re looking for a vacation that is relaxing, but still full of activity! Take in the history of New Orleans, while also experiencing Southern hospitality at it’s finest. Eat lots, listen to jazz music, and enjoy the swampy, humid climate!

10 Vacations To Go To When You Need A Break From Life

7. Californian Coast

A road trip down the coast of California is probably one of the most beautiful drives in the world, but if you aren’t up for the steep cliffs and twisty-turny roads, just stay along the beach. Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz are both perfect little vacation spots, with endless amount of sun and sand. Try your hand at surfing, and enjoy the sea breeze!

10 Vacations To Go To When You Need A Break From Life

8. Cuba

A lovely place to visit for it’s food, history and culture, Cuba is the spot if you want to be pampered at a resort, or explore its beautiful towns. Absorb the sun poolside, and enjoy your break in Cuba’s hot and tropical weather.

9. The Hamptons

A classic get-away for East Coasters, the Hamptons is a romantic little spot to leave behind the stressors of your day-to-day. Enjoy the seafood and the idyllic town, by taking long, picturesque walks.

10. Mexico City

An extremely cool and happening place, Mexico City is the place to go if you are looking for a fun and fresh retreat! With many superb museums and landmarks, Mexico City is a history buff’s dream. However, the up and coming food scene is also a very important field to explore! Take in this vibrant city and it’s sunny ways for a taste of something new.

Which of these vacations do you see yourself going on? Have any other vacation recommendations? Drop us a comment below!

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