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30 Amazing University of Western Ontario Dorm Rooms

30 Amazing University of Western Ontario Dorm Rooms

These students have residence life down to a science. Check out these amazing University of Western Ontario dorm rooms to get ideas to decorate your room!

Coming to Western this fall? Not sure what to do with such a small space? These students have residence life down to a science. Check out these amazing University of Western Ontario dorm rooms for some serious inspiration!

1. Charlotte Grainger – Essex Hall

This tapestry. Outlined with lights it becomes 10x cuter and can always be used for an awesome  photo backdrop. Charlotte and her suite mates threw a LEGENDARY glow party in their room using glow paint and more!

2. Madison Hetherington – Ontario Hall

This room is designed for the inner boho with a relaxed environment for studying, Netflixing or partying alike. With photos hung to reminisce and twinkly lights to brighten dark days, Madison clearly has dorm life all figured out.


3. Miranda Van Haarlem – Medway- Sydenham Hall

The white lights give this Sydenham Hall room a bright look that with a fresh aesthetic. Black and white photos lining the wall add to the colour scheme that Miranda creates.

4. Hannah Minnie – Delaware

A perfect place for floor mates and friends to hangout. The hipster-esque world map tapestry adds culture along with the patterned bedding. A faux window allows Hannah to open up her room to the world and the lights lining the ceiling gives the aura of a starry night.

5. Julia Ettlinger – Saugeen-Maitland Hall

Blue bedding is rare amongst amazing rooms but this bedding absolutely makes the room. The soft, baby blue adds an element of wonder which, when paired with photos and this gorgeous tapestry, makes Julia’s room feel very chic.


6. Samantha Andison – Perth Hall

This hybrid style room is decorated with loads of pictures and lanterns to enhance the natural light that comes in the massive window. A photo mobile hung from the ceiling adds an element of home for this Vancouver native. The cozy blankets and pillows allow for the perfect place to settle after a long day of class.

7. Suzie Blainey – Elgin Hall

Suzie’s suite-style room has a vast array of cultural components which all can be linked together to cultivate a relaxed and interesting environment to sleep or study. The lights draped from the ceiling provide a warm glow which when paired with the perfect tapestry give a hippie tone.

8. Serena Lam – Delaware Hall

This Ontario Hall room gives a brilliant home-y meets chic look with patterned bedding paired with a sequinned throw. The teddy bear gives Serena a childhood vibe when away from home. The Vogue cover poster adds a sense of style and fashion with a pop of colour for the neutral room.


9. Mikayla Martyn – Saugeen-Maitland Hall

This room takes top place for me. It makes a chaotic wall feel neutral by crafting the perfectly designed gallery wall. The eccentric vase of flowers matched with the accents of pink on various posters and the pink sheets allows all of the elements to flow together. The numerous strings of lights give a soft light which is complemented by the natural light flowing in.

10. Lauren Reynolds – Medway-Sydenham Hall

With bubblegum pink bedding, how could this not be a gorgeous room? This tapestry encompasses all of the colours of the bedding, flooring and pictures, all while having a boho design. Lauren’s chair is every 90’s girls ultimate want since Lizzie McGuire debuted it earlier this century.



11. Kathryn Groom – Ontario Hall

This room has a unique peach and gold theme with a patterned bedding which is enhanced with the assortment of vibrant throw pillows. These lights are very unique and with varying lengths, creates a mystical look compared to the standard lights seen in most other rooms. Kathryn’s desk is the ideal girl’s desk as it has a perfect proportion of style, space for makeup and space for studying.

12. Julia Martin – Essex Hall

Julia used mirrors admirably along the walls to create more depth in a small space. The vibrant turquoise bedding manifests thoughts of summer even in the cold of the London winter. The gold in the mirrors also complements the turquoise bedding to manifest a Tiffany themed room.

13. Kyleigh Hutchinson – Medway-Sydenham Hall

This Med-Syd soph’s room perfectly embodies what it means to be a Mustang. The curtain rack lined with all types of bottles, assisting to remember forgotten nights at Ceeps. The black couch invites friends in to chat at all hours of the night which can be lit up by the amazing purple lights, supporting her school colours.


14. Crystal Karmen Mak – Delaware Hall

This desk is the perfect mix of culture, colour and style. It perfectly encompasses every aspect of life at Western and creates a space of her very own. Crystal includes functionality with flair with both her laptop and books as well as a wine glass and shades.

15. Emma Anderson – Essex Hall

This Essex room is both functional and fashionable. With a thick throw to cozy up on cool nights and black-out curtains to lengthen her zzz’s, Emma has created the perfect room for sleep-ins and netflix binges (on the weekends, of course!)

16. Abby Meloff & Hailey Cracknell – Medway-Sydenham Hall

These bestfriends-turned-roommates have matched every element of their sides of the room to construct a hangout haven. With both having their own flair reflected on their desk space, this room pairs impeccably.


17. Holly Somerville – Delaware Hall

Although Delaware is not considered a “party residence,” Holly and her roommate sure know how to decorate for a good time. Both roommates have perfectly combined their studious natures with fun and flair to establish an ideal residence room for both partying and studying.

18. Ally Johnston – Medway-Sydenham Hall

The simplicity of Ally’s room exhibits her laid-back lifestyle which is complemented by the pops of yellow in both the artwork and throw pillows. The grey backdrop allows for a neutral vibe which is gorgeous for photos and great to cozy up in on a rainy day.

19. Dylan Giles – Medway-Sydenham Hall

Dylan and his roommate have taken residence life to a whole other level. Not only is their room awesome when set up for movie night along with a popcorn machine and massive projector, but is also insane on a regular day with posters and artwork plastered along the walls. You can certainly find the best parties in this Medway room.


20. Kennedie Fife – Clare Hall, Brescia

Star lights are amazing in any setting but when hung in a window, the awe factor of the lights grows exponentially. The photo from with assorted photo sizes gives an element of personalization and allows Kennedie to have nostalgic emotions while perched on her window seat.


21. Laura Kernaghan – Medway-Sydenham Hall

This room follows a gorgeous blue colour scheme with all aspects of the room being tied together. The clean white cabinet is a funky addition to the room with its shelves holding artwork and succulents. Above Laura’s bed holds glowing blue lights which provide a lantern feel with photos hanging above.


22. Hanna Lazdowski – Medway-Sydenham Hall

While quite simple, Hanna’s single room proves to be a suitable hangout for her group of friends to study or gossip. Her white bedding doubled with grey throws is a fresh combination for a good nights sleep.

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23. Vanessa Guglietti – Delaware Hall

This varsity athlete’s room is exuberant of sport, friendship and all things Western. From the massive flag to the hip poster and polaroids lining the walls, everything is mismatched to perfection. This is the essential room for any on-the-go girl.


24. Caitie Brown – Medway-Sydenham Hall

Caitie has lined the walls surrounding her bed with pictures of friends, family and fun. This helps with homesickness for this Calgary native. The tribal patterned bedding in grey gives a soft detailing to the room with big white pillows to ensure comfort.

25. Natalie Kovalchuk – Perth Hall

This floral themed room radiates a springtime aura all year, making dreary winter days seem bright. The leaf decals on the wall enhance the nature feeling which then is tied into the pillows and intriguing lamp. A lack of a definite colour scheme creates a unique feeling when present and truly allows us to look into Natalie’s individuality.

26. Matt Leblanc – Medway-Sydenham Hall

This traditional style room is jam packed and creates a fun-loving feel for Matt and his roommate. Between the awesome Molson Canadian fridge, the lights strung throughout the room and the traffic cone (?), it all works together to equal the ideal man cave.


27. Leslie Higgins – Saugeen-Maitland Hall

The walls lined with adventure-esque signs and posters suit Leslie’s bubbly personality. With tassled pillows and boho bedding, a cat pillow adds a splash of liveliness to the room.

More cool pillows can be found here.

28. Aleah Balas – Medway-Sydenham Hall

This room was designed to be a relaxing environment to welcome friends and floor-mates into. A pink and gold colour scheme is radiated with flowers, bedding and the lamp at the end of the bed. The faux brick wall was created using removable wallpaper to give a NYC flat vibe.


The wallpaper used can be found here.

 29. UWO Theta – Saugeen-Maitland Hall

This tapestry steals the show. Tapestries being a common factor in many of the rooms can seem to blend into the crowd, but not this one. Because the tapestry is so loud and detailed, this sorority chick recognized the need for clean, white bedding which fits magically.

30. Alexa Frankcom – Perth Hall

The best part about this room is the gorgeous turquoise bedding which is accented with pink pillows and a cozy pink throw. Alexa’s desk is perfectly organized with cute personalizations like the ‘a’ book end and starfish.


Learn how to make your own bookends here.

Hopefully you have gotten some amazing ideas for your small space and adore the amounts of creativity and work went into these breathtaking residence rooms!

What are your favorite University of Western Ontario dorm rooms? Comment below!
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