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10 Unique Dining Spots To Take That Special Someone To

10 Unique Dining Spots To Take That Special Someone To

10 Unique Dining Spots To Take That Special Someone To

Looking for unique dining spots to spice up the dating game? Themed restaurants and bars are taking over Toronto and major local foodies are slowly revealing their one of a kind dining greatness. Apart from their delectable food options, these unique dining spots are providing customer service like no other, stressing the idea that a dinner date should not only be fixed to steak and wine. We have compiled a solid list of popular unique dining spots that will surely get you and your partner excited for every date night!

1. O. Noir

O. Noir is definitely one of the most talked about restaurants in Toronto that completely revolutionized the basic dining experience. As a customer, you get to be in the shoes of a blind person. The whole restaurant is in complete darkness and you are served by waiters and waitresses who are visually-impaired. Even though you get to pick your food before entering the restaurant, you may find yourself constantly fumbling on the table for your utensils. This is definitely a unique dining spot you won’t forget!


2. Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse

Steak, steak, and more steak! Copacabana serves authentic Brazilian cuisine which includes carved meat,  salads, cheeseboards, and baked bread with dips. What makes this dining spot different however is the entertainment service! Dancers in feathered headdresses and flashy costumes carry out a true Brazilian production, providing guests a foreign dining experience that they will always remember.

3. The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe Moroc

Morroccan-French fusion food has never been better at this unique dining spot downtown. Upon entering the restaurant, you will immediately feel like you are in different country. Divans with cushions and fabric tents occupy the floor as well as belly dancers!


4. Spin

Want to binge but also be calorie conscious? Then this is the place to be! Indulge on their delicious food options and complementary cocktails then play table tennis shortly afterwards to burn everything down. Eat, drink, play, then repeat!

5. Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre

Old but never forgotten. This spot offers one of the most unique dining experiences in the city since the late 80s! Conversations will continue to roll on the table as diners try to solve a murder mystery while munching on freshly prepared food and mouthwatering beverages. The diner who guesses the murderer correctly wins a prize!

6. The Lockhart

Are you a big Harry Potter fanatic? In need of some “magical” dining experience to justify your status as a legitimate fan? Look no further! The Lockhart is the one and only dining spot in the city that is inspired by the highly prominent franchise. Indulge on their magical goodies and spell-bound elixirs if you dare.


7. Tilt Arcade Bar

This unique dining spot will transport you back to the gaming world of the 90s! From pinball machines to Nintendo 64 consoles, Tilt Arcade Bar will surely unleash both you and your partner’s competitive side. They’ve got a good selection of immediate chowdowns and drinks that will keep you energized all night!

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8. 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower

Are you afraid of heights and have never been to the CN Tower? The 360 Restaurant might help you finally consider going up the famous structure. Apart from the delicious fine dining dishes, you also get a full glimpse of the city because of the revolving floor! Also, what better way to justify your feelings for your partner than showing them that you are conquering your fear?

9. Robo Sushi

With many people believing that Japan is in the forefront of future technology, this unique dining spot in North York justifies just that. Robo Sushi is the first restaurant in the city where servers are robots on wheels. Although the place still looks like your typical all you can eat sushi restaurant, the robots serving you food just completely elevates the dining experience.


10. Mustafa Turkish Restaurant

If you are more an interior enthusiast rather than a foodie, then you might love this unique dining spot. Known for their Turkish version of pizza called “pide”, Mustafa provides guests a true taste of the Middle Eastern country like not other. The cave-inspired interior, which mimics the caverns of Cappadocia is also Instagram worthy!

What other unique dining spots downtown can you think of? Tell us in the comment section below!

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