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10 Uncommon Signs You Have OCD

10 Uncommon Signs You Have OCD

Are you obsessed with trying to figure out why you are obsessed? Reading about these 10 uncommon symptoms of OCD may answer your question!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD is a mental health condition that affects people of all ages and entails performing tasks repeatedly to remove particular ideas, thoughts, or sensations. Over time, the perception of OCD has been misconstrued by the general public thanks to the influence of popular media.  Many people who actually have OCD don’t know they have OCD because of this narrowed down view of the disorder. The truth is OCD is more prevalent worldwide than it actually is. There are many other symptoms that indicate the condition apart from merely washing your hands constantly or meticulously organizing your things. Here are 10 typically omitted signs that show that you may have OCD.

1. Checking that something won’t harm themselves or others

It’s normal to react to the possible harm that a dangerous object or people may cause. However, if it gets to the point where you are constantly inspecting and checking the possible “harm” that even non-dangerous objects or people may cause, then you may have OCD.

2. Rereading or rewriting

You reread because you are obsessed with understanding something completely. You rewrite because you are either obsessed with perfect grammar or penmanship. Both compulsions can only lead to OCD.


10 Uncommon Signs You Have OCD

3. Excessive concern with body part or aspect of appearance

In this generation where a model with perfect proportions is what’s considered the ideal body image, this manifestation of OCD happens often, particularly with girls. Having this image engraved in the mind as well as the obsession to achieve it are major signs of OCD.

4. Bothered by certain sounds or noises

Also called “Misophonia”, individuals who have this symptom are sensitive to certain sounds which can trigger emotional distress, avoidance, or even anger. Sound sensitivity can be common among individuals with OCD.


5. Superstitious behaviour

This symptom is quite popular in Asia. Cultures from the East have a long list of superstitions that have been acknowledged throughout generations. It can be claimed that most Asian elders who still adhere to these sets of beliefs have the disorder.

10 Uncommon Signs You Have OCD

6. Constantly wanting to tell, ask, or confess

Whether you’re an individual who gossips or likes to always ask questions, the bottom line is you are obsessed with information. The high frequency of this particular habit could indicate that you may have OCD.


7. Excess concern with right or wrong (morality)

Do you always examine your behaviour to see if it’s right or wrong? Are you concerned with how the behaviour could benefit or harm others? Do you constantly judge people’s behaviour or activity based on morality? If you say yes to all these questions, you have an obsession with ethics which could imply that you have OCD.


8. Fear of saying certain things

In contrast to number 6, you may also have OCD if you are afraid to say or spill certain things. On the bright side, this symptom may be advantageous if you’re keeping a deep, dark secret. Right?

9. Ritualized eating behaviours

You don’t eat the food right away even if you’re starving because you have a set of standards to check before consumption. Ritualized eating behaviours may include cutting food into small pieces before consumption, arranging food in a certain way on the plate, using specific plates or utensils, controlling the portion of food, and constantly counting calories.

10 Uncommon Signs You Have OCD


10. Hoarding compulsion

Collecting items for pleasure is normal. However, when collecting turns into hoarding, there may be a problem. Hoarding  involves acquiring things in excess with an obsession of their value. The hoarder generally has solid fear and anxiety of losing or discarding the items, difficulty of organizing the items or even anger towards people asking or commenting about the items.

Do you have obsessions or compulsions that are not listed here? Tell us below!

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