The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment at the University of Toronto

University of Toronto is definitely a big school with so much going on. But if you want a balance between academics, leadership, socializing, and philanthropic activities then you may want to consider joining greek life and attending sorority recruitment. More specifically if you identify as a female you should consider joining a sorority.

If you know anyone in a sorority then you’ve definitely heard them talking about recruitment and how important formal recruitment is to them. So I’m here to give you all the deets on how sorority recruitment at University of Toronto for 2016 will go down. So keep reading!

When is recruitment?

Sorority Recruitment 2016 will be held September 16th-18th. It consists of three rounds where you visit 7, then up to 5, and up to 2 houses respectively. The Panhellenic Council (aka the people that will be guiding you through this weekend) are currently planning all the details of recruitment. I highly recommend following their Facebook page for more information in the future. Registration for recruitment opened June 15th, you can find the link here!

Which sororities are on campus?

There are 7 National Panhellenic Sororities on campus. For the sake of you being able to research them I will list their full names: Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Pi Beta Phi. They all have social media and websites so I would definitely recommend checking them all out before recruitment weekend.



What are Recruitment Counselors (RCs) ?

RCs are members from all 7 sororities and the Panhellenic council who will be guiding you from house to house and answering all your sorority related questions throughout the weekend. You will be given a main RC who will also be your main point of contact. All of the RCs disassociate from their individual sororities for the occasion of recruitment. I know, its super tempting to try to guess or trick them into telling you which house they’re in, but I swear they do it for your benefit. They want to help you find a house that best fits your needs but they can’t do that if your opinion is swayed because you know what sorority they are in.


So… what is the deal with “mutual selection”?

Mutual selection is the process that is used during recruitment. You will hear it 100 times throughout the weekend “if you like them then it’s most likely they’ll like you”. This is why it’s so so so important that you are making your own decisions and really are trying to make connections with the sorority girls you meet. You will be putting yourself up for disappointment if you choose a house just because your friends liked them. It works the other way around “if you felt like it wasn’t the house for you then it’s most likely that they felt that they weren’t the house for you as well”.

What should I expect during sorority recruitment?

In the past is has rained so please dress weather appropriate each day and be ready to walk around. You will be spending most of the day going between houses, they do provide food but you may want to bring a snack and some water. To sum it up be comfortable, stay hydrated and stay safe!


What do we talk about during recruitment?

There will be the typical questions that you should be prepared to answer 50 times. What year are you in? What’s your major? Do you commute? They may seem like bland and boring questions however they’re important for the sorority women you meet. They want to get to know you, definitely more than those questions, however they are a good starting point when trying to remember who you are. Feel free to ask them as many questions as you want. You are investing a lot of time and money when joining a sorority so ask about finances, philanthropy events, weekly meetings etc..


Eat the food, it’s not a test!

During the rounds the sororities provide some food for you. A lot of the time potential new members are hesitant to eat it because they feel like they are being judged. This is 100% NOT TRUE! They want you to eat, it may be awkward to talk with your mouth full of food but lets be honest everyone’s happier with food in their belly. Don’t believe me? Well the sorority members in the house are spending all day preparing and socializing, they are definitely hungry. They eat when you eat, so please eat their food so they can too. This doesn’t mean you’ll be judged if you don’t eat, but if you’re hungry then please do go for it!

People’s faces are blurred out in pictures… What happened?

I promise you those covered or blurred out faces doesn’t mean it’s a past member that we no longer speak of. There is no scandalous background story as to why their faces aren’t shown. They are RCs! Their faces are covered so you don’t figure out what house they’re in. Once again, they don’t tell you what house they are part of so they can always give you unbiased advice.

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What is the deal with the questions that RCs can’t answer?

Going through recruitment sometimes you may have questions you aren’t comfortable asking your assigned RC or you have something to report about an incident. This rarely happens, however if there is anything you need more official help with you can always go the Vice President of Recruitment or the President of the Panhellenic council. They have a lot of recruitment experience and will be able to answer all of your questions.


Did you know that you can meet RCs and the Panhellenic Council in person before recruitment?

If you have any questions that you want answered before hand or just want to talk to someone in person the council and RCs will be around campus. They will be present at clubs fair, street fest and various colleges’ froshes. They will also hold two info sessions in September where they will give you a very detailed breakdown of recruitment 2016.



If you have any questions about sorority recruitment 2016 you can send an email to, or visit this site or send a message to the UofT Sororities Facebook Page.

Get excited for recruitment 2016!!!
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