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The Ultimate Guide to the Party Scene at WLU

The Ultimate Guide to the Party Scene at WLU


Partying is a huge part of university and is well deserved after long hours of studying. If it’s your first year at university, you’re probably wondering what the party scene is all about. Here at WLU, we are known to have a great party scene! Keep reading for everything you need to know about partying at WLU.

1. Laurier is a very small school in a small city, if there is a party happening, everyone will find out!

There is no such thing as a small party at WLU, being a small school, the words spreads quick so be prepared to meet people whether they are invited or not. Also being that Waterloo is a fairly small city, you will find people from all three schools (University of Waterloo, WLU and Conestoga) at most parties! Finally, if something happens at a party, everyone will find out so be careful!

2. Connections are everything!

Don’t skimp out on making new friends, connections are everything when it comes to a student city like Waterloo. Make sure to make friends from all school and all ages, especially if you are a freshman. Given that most freshman will be underage for majority of the school year, make sure to befriend people older than you so you have a source of booze! Most parties will also require a cover charge (usually around 10$) however if you have connections, you can often get in for free!


3. Know the party areas of the city!

For WLU students, the party neighbourhoods are usually Ezra, Bricker and Albert as well as the Luxe apartments! These are the areas that are mostly student homes and not residential and therefore usually have a party going on! Beware of Ezra on HOCO and St. Pattys!

4. Use the buddy system – ALWAYS!

For your own safety and fun, always attend a party with at least one other person, particularly parties in which you are not friends with other attending. You never know what can happen during a night of intoxication, having a friend with you will at least help you get home alive. Also attending a party alone isn’t usually all that fun.

5. Pregame!

This cannot be stressed enough, alcohol isn’t always available at parties and you don’t want to have to carry a bunch of alcohol around all night, its heavy and unsafe! Pregaming can also help you save money when going to bars and clubs because chances are you wont be spending a lot of money on expensive mixed drinks! however beware of the pregame line, you want to go hard enough that you have fun but not too hard that you don’t even make it out that night (its happened).


6. Know your bars!

If you are old enough to get into a bar or a club and go to WLU, chances are you will be heading to one of the following five places, all within close proximity of the university and mainly dominated by WLU students!

PHILS! – Drenched in the smell of mold and sweat, definitely not the most sanitary place, but you’re in for a good time!

Chainsaw – If you like country music and cheap drinks, this is the place for you.


Pub on king – If you’re more of a sit down and chill person, pub on king is definitely your scene.

Brixton – If you’re up for a more classy evening out, strap on your heels or your best button up shirt and head over to The Brixton Social.

Dallas – If you’re up for a short trek to Kitchener, Dallas is always a good choice for an eventful night on the town!

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Plan ahead and make sure you are in town for the two biggest events of the year! WLU is known for out HOCO and St. Pattys festivities on Ezra street. Prepare for a day long block party, shots for breakfast and freezing outside but being too drunk to care! If you miss these two days, you WILL regret it, that’s a guarantee.


Find a local hangover brunch place and make it a tradition with your friends the morning after a night out. This is usually the time you get to hang out with your friends and laugh about your drunken mistakes from the night before! Beware of the crazy lines around 12-2 the day after a school-wide party though. Some of our favourite spots are:
Cora’s Uptown Waterloo (75 King St )


Mel’s Diner (140 University Ave W)

Angies (47 Erb St W)

Red House (30 William St W)


Symposium cafe (4 King St N)

How do you party at WLU? Comment below and share the article!
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