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The Ultimate Frosh Checklist For The University Of Guelph

The Ultimate Frosh Checklist For The University Of Guelph

The Ultimate Frosh Checklist For The University Of Guelph

Congrats on officially becoming a Gryphon! There are certain things to keep in mind before and during the first couple months of being a University of Guelph student. Here is the ultimate frosh checklist to ensure a great first year at uni!

1. Take advantage of student discounts.

Back to school shopping brings out a whole new level of excitement from within me. But shopping for college is a whole different story. You not only have to shop for cute and colorful stationary, but also bedding, toiletries, appliances; not to forget the utter most expensive textbooks. Every college student CRAVES discounted rates…



…so here are some to make your life at Guelph easier:

2. Attend Frosh Week.

Frosh Week can be a little intimidating, especially when you are around new people in a new environment. University of Guelph has their orientation week from September 3rd to September 11th, making every freshman feel like home.

Some events planned for this exciting week are; – The President’s Welcome, College Lunches, The Pep Rally, The Interhall Council Dance, The Orientation Week Concert, University InRoads (an academic event to learn the ropes of University).

If this much excitement isn’t enough, there is more to come on September 9th at the 5th annual Frosh Circus for Guelph and Waterloo. Known to be the largest frosh party, FROSH Circus has live acts, DJ performance and carnival games. Be sure to buy your ticket here.



3. Know your tuition due date.

On the serious note, in the mist of such exciting events, do not forget to pay those tuition bills before the due date, September 16th. As we all know, university, “res” life and food can all get pretty expensive. Guelph offers entrance scholarship, bursaries to help your transition at university be more at ease and you can keep track of your financial status on web advisors. You really don’t want to be stressing about finances in the middle of your academic learning and social life.


4. Get your photo ID.

Photo ID is an important piece of identification around and outside the Guelph Campus. Allows you to access many services on campus as well as many store discounts off campus. In order to get your photo ID, you must submit your photo of course. The last day to submit your photo is August 12th. Doesn’t take that long; take a camera (or a phone), fix your hair, smile and CLICK!!


5. Go to the Homecoming Game against Western.

GO GRYPHONS!!! This year for our Homecoming Game, U of G will be facing the Western Mustangs. We all know how this is going to turn out…GO GRYPHONS ;). Make sure to catch this exciting game on September 24th.

6. Meet up with your councillor.

It is always a good idea to meet up with your advisor in order to get a better understanding on what your years at Guelph is going to look like. There are here to help, so it’s better to use the resources. You also have the opportunity to meet up with financial advisors to help you spend responsibly.



7. Join a club or team.

Guelph offers more than 300 different ways to get involved on campus. It may be by joining a club or a sports team. From math club to cheerleading, we have it all. Make sure to check out the girls’ softball tryout if you are interested.

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8. Take a picture with the cannon.

This is a must! You cannot be considered a Gryphon if you do not take a picture with our symbolic cannon.



9. Buy Guelph merchandise.

By the end of your first year, your closet will mainly consist of reds and yellow (LOL). Show your pride and buy Guelph clothing at the Guelph Bookstore.

10. Catch the bus and explore the town.

Guelph is such a beautiful town. It would be a great experience to hop on the Guelph Transit and explore beautiful sites and food locations around town.


Don’t miss out on such exciting as well as important events before and during your first month at Guelph.

Have any other tips to add to the ultimate frosh checklist for U of G? Feel free to comment below. If any of these tips helped, be sure to share the article!

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