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The Ultimate Checklist For McGill Frosh

The Ultimate Checklist For McGill Frosh

The Ultimate Checklist For McGill Frosh

Now that you have accepted your offer, you kind of have an idea of what the next four years of your life will look like. But there are tons of things you need to check before going to McGill. Here’s the ultimate checklist for McGill frosh.

The main question you may all ask is, where should I live?

You have plenty of choices here. Even if you’re not in a McGill residence, there are other private residences for students, like Evo Montreal and many others. If you want to meet people and have more time for yourself, residence might be the best option for you. Otherwise, you can also rent an apartment, by yourself or with roommates. But in an apartment, you will have to do everything by yourself; it requires you to be more independent than you would be living in residence.
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If you’re an international student, you will have to fill out documents.

In order to enter in Canada for your studies, you’ll have to do some paperwork. Don’t do it at the last moment, because the whole CAQ and study permit process can take a few months; and it requires time to fill out the application. Be very cautious while you’re filling it out, because the Canadian government is very careful about those.


It’s important to look at all the administrative parts before you leave home.

Provide proofs of citizenship to the university in order to have a correct bill, and check the different banks if you’re from outside Canada, because you will need to open a Canadian bank account. Check your eligibility for the different health insurances that you can have.

Register for orientation week.

You will have to register for the different events during the summer, and you can choose which one you want to do. Depending on the housing you have chosen, you can do Rez-Fest (if you’re in a McGill residence) or Off-Campus Connect (if you’re in a private residence, apartment, or if you still live with your parents or relatives) to kick off the week. Then, there’s Discover McGill, where you will also meet your Frosh leaders. Frosh might be the part that you’re the most excited for, and this is truly understandable! You’re not obligated to do Frosh, but it is great to meet people and start friendships. There are faculty Froshes, and non-faculty Froshes. You can choose between any of them, even if you don’t belong to the faculty that organizes the Frosh that you want to do.

Don’t forget to focus on the academic part too!

Even if you accepted the offer of your faculty, you have to register for classes. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to advisors on the web. Also, is very useful in choosing classes. For your first year, there are many prerequisites that you must take, depending of the program you applied to; be careful about that!

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Consider joining a club.

If you’re interested in meeting people that have the same center of interest as you, you must consider joining a club. There has to be a club that fits you at McGill. Even if academics are the priority, joining clubs is the best way to meet people and make good friends.

Check out this Facebook group for more useful info. for McGill frosh.


Have any other tips for McGill frosh? Comment below!

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