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The Typical Day Of A Student At York University

The Typical Day Of A Student At York University

The Typical Day Of A Student At York University

Ever wonder what it is like being a student at York University? This article shares a slight preview of how your day might go. Some are funny, informational or straight fire. Each university, has their positives and negatives. These are my perspective of the day, and some are more negative than positive because those are what sticks in your head. If you aren’t new to York, be prepared to laugh! Keep reading for the typical day of a student at York University!


1. Busses are torture.

Each bus stops at different places in York. For example, the 60C stops at the bus circle while the 60D stops outside of the campus that could be more convenient depending on where your class is. Of course, being a York student, you would hop on the wrong bus, and end up walking even longer.


2. Some Caffeine is Needed

To move forward with your day and get rid of your grumpiness, you decide to get a coffee. This would mess with your brain because you either want a cheaper coffee that you already know what you like from Tim Horton’s, or try something from Starbucks and waste more money. Quality talks right?


3. Getting York’ed

Getting to York is one thing, but getting to your class is another. York consists of so many people, that getting to your class, you will probably meet five people you know on the way. You have to have a small conversation and get on, and while you are finished, you realized you are late to class.


4. Getting York’ed X2

Majority of the students have gaps within their schedules. Some are small, so it is convenient to grab food or coffee on the way to class. But, some could be a few hours long. Spending it in the Scott Library is nearly impossible, but maybe today you would find space, so you end up checking it out. It is so full, to the point that many students end up sitting on the floor and just hanging out, and doing work. Because you are so lazy or tired, you end up sitting on the floor or talking yourself into going somewhere else.


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5. Sharing the campus with the rightful owners.

The birds have taken over. Geese are everywhere at York and on the roads too! Throughout your day you will walk around the geese or become friends with them and feed them. Also, you will see many cars stop and let them walk through while they wait a few minutes, creating hectic traffic, with some beeping from new students or parents that are not aware of the property owners, known as the geese.

6. The construction of new building and subway.

That seems like a great aspect, like we are going to get a new student center! And a subway to make it easier for hundreds of students to get to York! Haha, what a joke! Even though that is true, the process is dreadful! It has been going on forever, York is always under construction at some place at campus. Recently, with the building of the new student center, the sidewalks have been extended to build the building, which makes it a bit of a further walk. Maybe I complain too much?

Are there any other things that should be on this list for a typical day of a student at York University?

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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