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10 Types Of University Parties And What To Expect From Each

10 Types Of University Parties And What To Expect From Each

Did you know that there are many types of university parties? We've put the ultimate guide together so you know what to expect for your next party at uni!

From one university student to the other, there are a few honest truths to lay down about parties. The odds of playing beer pong at a party are slim and it will be deathly hot and you will be sticky from sweating, spilling alcohol, etc. Although you may not get let in to some parties, always keep in mind that you can find a back door and let yourself and your friends in. Keep reading for the different types of university parties!

 1. The Typical Dorm Parties.

Taking place in your residence, dorm parties are an easy way to get friends together to jam to music, play some drinking games and most likely get caught by the RA’s. At some point during the night by some coincidence your music will get too loud at the exact moment that the RA’s come through the building on rounds. In situations like these, be polite, nod your head and continue when they leave.

Tip: Always have a deck of cards handy because there are numerous drinking games that involve cards and best bet is that you will be the only person who has them.


2. Keggers That Cost You $5 ($10 for guys).

Off-campus keggers generally allow girls to get in free or for a reduced rate, yay! The night will be filled with hilarious Snapchat stories of someone’s attempted kegstand as well as an inevitable beer shower. Be prepared to fight your way to the keg, and don’t be surprised when you get there and the floor is sticky.

Tip: Yes there is a keg, but BYOB! There is not nearly enough beer to satisfy everyone, so it’s best to come prepared with your own preference of alcohol.



3. The Rookie Party You Weren’t Ready For.

After you join a varsity team, or a club they will announce that they have a rookie party next Saturday. The goal of a rookie party is to get the rookie (you) absolutely hammered. Shot glasses will be filled way too much, your mixed drinks will be 70% alcohol, and your team will have you tripping out the door at 10pm.

Tip: Don’t be nervous about embarrassing yourself, because that is what they are going to do. Let it happen and laugh it off, because it will leave lasting memories for the years to come.

4. The Outdoor Rec’er Party.

Every once in a while a rec’er will throw a party, and unless you’re in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism as well, chances are you weren’t invited (but you’ll go anyways). Talk of the party will most likely be about climbing (rocks), cross country skiing, and what organic beer they’re drinking that night.


Tip: Everyone will probably have a carabiner holding their keys that they attach to their jeans, so don’t be afraid to compliment them on it.

5. The Party That Gets Shut Down At 11pm.

Typically there is one house or street that throws parties every weekend, and gets shut down every time. It isn’t always apparent at first which house this is, but after a few times it tends to become a trend. I’m not advising to avoid these parties, only that one should air on the side of caution when attending.

Tip: Have somewhere to go after the party gets shut down so that the rest of your night is not spent sitting on a set of swings trying to decide what to do next.


6. Office Hoes and CEO’s Party.

These parties don’t occur often but when they do, men dress up as CEO’s and women dress up as office hoes (slutty business casual). In reality, the men don’t dress up too much and the women use it as an excuse to dress more provocative than usual. Other than the dress code, nothing else is unique about this type of party.

Tip: Dress up, but dress comfortable. There’s nothing worse than wearing heels to a party, especially if the night ends in a long walk home.



7. The One With The Ouija Board.

Around Halloween time there will be tons of parties to celebrate Halloweekend, and more often than not, someone will end up pulling out a Ouija board. Whether it’s consensus to play or not, nobody will peer pressure another into doing something they don’t want to. Play by game rules and don’t freak out too much- whether you believe in the supernatural or not, someone will always be trying to scare you.

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Tip: At times like these, I generally place my fingers on the playing piece and silently judge in my head who is moving the piece around.


8. The Party You Walked 30 Minutes To Get To.

Ahh, so everybody wants to go to this party but its half way across town and you don’t have a ride or someone who will be the designated driver. The walk there is easy, the harder part is getting home after, because the friend that got too drunk will probably need to be carried home (although it does make for a good workout).

Tip: Wear sensible shoes, and make sure if the group splits up, the other half is competent enough to get themselves home.

9. The Party That Only You Showed Up To.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking ‘No, this won’t happen’ but YES it will. The best thing to do in this awkward situation is to find another party to be at, and invite the host of the party you currently want to leave. If there is no other party to go to, try to invite more people to the one you’re at and see if you can spice it up that way.


Tip: Even if there aren’t many people there and you feel wickedly uncomfortable, remember there are plenty of drinking games you can play to vibe up the party atmosphere.

10. The Party That You Don’t Even Remember.

Waking up in the afternoon after a night of partying and suddenly it’s questionable how you even got back to your bed okay. Luckily you have some awesome friends who dragged you home, to whom you owe your life. Grab yourself water, Advil, and something to eat to prepare to go out again tonight, because you know that your crazy friends are always ready to go out again.

Tip: Coffee cures hangovers.


Which types of university parties are your favorite? Comment below!
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