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10 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Toronto

10 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Toronto

Being in Toronto can never be boring because you never know who you’ll run into. You can run into your favourite YouTuber, a celebrity and countless students because they are the people who make up this amazing city. Here is a breakdown of all the possible people you can tun into while in Toronto.

1.  The Club Goer

To run into a true club goer in Toronto, you need to have them on social media. This is where all of their club-going essentially goes on. These are the people who post themselves taking shots, showing off bottles of alcohol and dancing in the club. Weekends are not enough and you’ll likely be seeing pictures and videos throughout the week. While this display of partying on a Wednesday may seem overwhelming for some, the party goers can be a good source for clubs to attend throughout the week.


2. The Foodie

Toronto has no shortage of amazing eats, so it’s not surprising at all that there are countless food bloggers creating and posting food content about the Six. It’s not hard to bump into one of these people; simply go to a trendy-ish restaurant and you’re likely to find bloggers snapping away pictures of their food and the surrounding ambiance.

3. The Insta Queen

Not only is there no shortage of mind blowing food in Toronto, there’s also no shortage of selfie taking content creators in the City. Commonly referred to as the “New York of Canada,” Toronto is home to many famous instagrammers like Laiba Zaid, Allegra Shaw and Alina, just to name a few. If you’re lucky, you might bump into one of these Insta-queens around the city taking shots in-front of beautiful backdrops, at an amazing restaurant or even in a club!

4. The Art Lover

Toronto is home to countless museums that are essentially art mosaics: from ROM, to the Aga Khan Museum, smaller galleries and countless photo shows that Torontonians put on throughout the year. Running into these art lovers may actually be easier then it seems, as a lot of people in the city enjoy these types of outings.


5. The 9-5

You can easily run into this person. All you have to do is take public transit at rush hour. Trains will be packed to the brim with commuters trying to make their 9 A.M. shift. If you want to avoid that, go to any restaurant or food vendor around the downtown core at lunch time and there’s no doubt you’ll run into countless people in suites.

6. The Social Justice Warrior

This person understands the complex issues that faces the many residents of Toronto and they’re here to support them. Whether it’s for anti-racism groups or parades that celebrate women, these people can often be spotted at events supporting causes and raising awareness about them.


7. The Typical Student

Toronto is home to thousands of students studying at some of the biggest colleges and universities in Canada. Coincidentally, some of the best and most affordable eats in Toronto are located around these institutions. So if you run into a student with a huge backpack or maybe one causally walking down the street in a chefs coat, don’t be alarmed, you’re just walking in a students world.

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8. The Star Gazer

Toronto is frequented by celebrities throughout the year. After all, one of the biggest rappers, Drake, is from Toronto. Celebrities can also be spotted at Raptors games and even doing some shopping in the city. Toronto is also home to TIFF, the annual film festival that happens in September. Scores of celebrities hit the Six, and their fans flock to them. These star gazers can be spotted throughout the year trying to get a glimpse of celebrities who visit the city.


9. The Hipster

One of the most common places you’ll run into a Hipster is Kensington Market. This market is a pedestrian first, car second, artisanal coffee lovers paradise. Small coffee shops can be found scattered across the market. Stores selling vegan treats also have a big presence as well as pot dispensaries and vintage clothing stores.

10. The Lover of the Great Outdoors

Toronto is a City surrounded by skyscrapers. Cars are always bustling on busy roads all day and night. This city is a busy place with limited access to many outdoor activities. But it is still very easy to run into someone who loves the outdoors in this massive city. These people make do with what they can within the city, such as strolls in the parks and recreational activities at the gym, but they often venture out to locations outside of Toronto to take part in their love of the great outdoors!


What are some of the people you think you’ll likely to run into when in Toronto? Let us know below!

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